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International Science Olympiad Sample Papers 2023

Sample papers are model tests that help students to get an idea about the main exam paper. When it comes to preparing for the International Science Olympiad exam students would be studying only from textbooks and ignore sample papers. Some student prepares only the sample papers instead of learning the syllabus. But NSITO sample paper preparation will be useful only when the students cover the entire olympiad syllabus. Either of the methods that students follow won't be beneficial unless they follow the order, i.e., first, cover the syllabus and then practice using sample papers.
NSITO Sample Papers

ISO 2023-24 Sample Papers Highlights

Students need to go through the sample papers which are given on the official website. The ISO sample papers help the student to identify the pattern of the exam. The answer keys are provided at the end of the sample paper PDF.

ISO Sample Paper Highlights

Name of Organization

Indian Talent Olympiad 

Popularly known as

International Science Olympiad


Sample Paper

Mode of Reference



Indian Talent Organization



ISO 2023-24 Sample Papers

The sample papers are a must for Olympiad exam preparation. ISO sample papers are designed by experts that follow the syllabus and pattern covered for the main exam. By practicing sample papers, students can make a smart plan and strategy scoring better.


Sample Paper


ISO Class 1 Sample Paper


ISO Class 2 Sample Paper


ISO Class 3 Sample Paper


ISO Class 4 Sample Paper


ISO Class 5 Sample Paper


ISO Class 6 Sample Paper


ISO Class 7 Sample Paper


ISO Class 8 Sample Paper


ISO Class 9 Sample Paper


ISO Class 10 Sample Paper

ISO 2023-24 Answer Key

Answer keys for all the sample papers released by the Indian Talent Olympiad are given below.

  • For classes 1 to 6, the answer key is given in the pdf.
  • For class 7, the ISO answer key is as follows given below.
    • Question 1 - B
    • Question 2 - B
    • Question 3 - B
    • Question 4 - D
    • Question 5 - C
  • For class 8, the ISO answer key is given below.
    • Question 1 - C
    • Question 2 - C
    • Question 3 - B
    • Question 4 - A
    • Question 5 - B
  • For class 9, the ISO answer key is given below.
    • Question 1 - A
    • Question 2 - A
    • Question 3 - C
    • Question 4 - C
    • Question 5 - D
  • For class 10, the ISO answer key is given below.
    • Question 1 - C
    • Question 2 - C
    • Question 3 - A
    • Question 4 - D
    • Question 5 - A
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