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HGO 2023 Registration

Humming Bird Foundation registration process can be processed through school registration or individual registration. The registration process for both modes is different.

All those students who will appear in Humming Bird General Knowledge Olympiad (HGO) 2023 can get the detailed registration procedure and important exam dates on this page.

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HGO Registration Highlights

Here are the important dates to be known before applying for the HGO exam.



HGO registration deadline

August 2023

HGO level 1 exam date (school registration)

  • TBA

HGO level 1 exam dates (for individual registration)

  • TBA

HGO level 1 results

  • TBA

HGO level 2 exam date

  • TBA

HGO level 2 results

  • TBA

HGO 2023 Registration Forms

Two forms need to be filled if the student wants to appear for HGO 2023. The two forms are the parent consent form and registration booklet. The parent consent form is to be filled by the parents. Parents have to tick checkboxes to specify which exams the student wants to appear. Also, parents have to enclose the registration fee depending on the number of exams the student is planning to write. In the parent consent form, parents should fill in details like school name, student name, class & section, and class roll number.

The registration booklet is the official document used for school registration. The registration booklet is divided into 2 parts school registration and student registration forms.

  • In the school registration form, the school coordinator should fill the details of the school.
    • Details to be filled in the registration form include the name of the school, school address and PIN, school phone number, details of the principal (name, email id, and mobile number), details of the school coordinator (name, email id, and mobile number), and payment option.
    • The form should be filled only with block letters and the school has to follow the instructions written on the form.
  • In the student registration form, the school coordinator should fill the form after collecting parent consent from all the students. Details to be filled in the student registration form include student name, class & section, and the exam they are interested to attempt.
    • The coordinator has to attach the consent form along with the registration booklet and sent it via email or post to Humming Bird Education along with the payment.

HGO Concept Building Books

Parents have to tick the boxes for the concept-building books they want to order and enclose an appropriate extra amount with the parent consent form. The coordinator has to send the registration fee per student for all the exams along with the amount for the concept building books to Humming Bird Education.

Coordinators also have to indicate the number of concept building books being ordered by the school in the school registration form. Each book costs Rs.120. Concept building books are available for the following exams.

  • International Mathematics Olympiad (HGO)
  • International Science Olympiad (HSO)
  • International Spelling Bee Competition (SpellB)

HGO 2023 Registration Payment Method

Schools can pay the registration fees along with the cost of the concept of building books using two methods, i.e., online or offline. To apply for the HGO exam, Humming Bird charges INR 200 per student. In the case of international students, the application fees will be $8 per student. The school coordinator is responsible for preparing the list of students planning to get workbooks. Registration fees and workbook fees should be attached with the registration forms.

  • For online payment, the school can pay the fees through the following bank account.
    • Bank and Branch Name - HDFC Bank, Sector - 8, Rohini
    • Account Number - 08862560000827
    • RTGS/NEFT Code - HDFC0000886
  • For offline payment, the school coordinator can post the registration booklet along with the registration fee to Humming Education Ltd.
    • Demand draft is to be taken in favor of HUMMINGBIRD EDUCATION LTD., payable in New Delhi.
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