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ASSET Talent Search Exam 2022

The ASSET Talent Search (ATS) is a platform that provides children to find their potential. The ATS exams conduct tests that identify the children's potential in one or more subjects, and they also provide educational opportunities that will improve their excellence.

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What is ASSET Talent Search Exam?

ASSET Talent Search examination (ATS) is a talent identification program that recognizes, acknowledges, and assists academically talented students. They provide ambitious kids with an opportunity to discover their potential. Their core subjects include English, Mathematics, and Science.

The ASSET Team has provided programs for proficient students for nine years and has given more than 70 advanced-level courses to ambitious and intelligent children across India and UAE.

The ATS is a brand of Educational Initiatives (EI), and EI is an educational assessment company that works to improve the quality of student learning in schools. The ASSET administers tests on all boards, including private schools, CBSE, ICSE, and state boards.

Tabulated below are the highlights of the ASSET Talent Search info:

ASSET Talent Search Exam Highlights
Particulars About
Established in 2001
Conducting Body Educational Initiatives
Eligibility Talented students of classes 5 to 9
Exam Date
  • For India: TBU
  • For Abroad: TBU
Exam Duration There are a total of 3 subjects, which is 70 minutes each
Results link ASSET Talent Search

The ASSET Team looks for talented students with academic excellence and assists them in improving their studies.

Given below are the eligibility criteria that need to be satisfied by the students to write the ASSET test:

  • Students studying in classes five to eight are eligible for the ASSET test.
  • Talented students who score 85 percentile or more
  • Students who are the top performers (or the ones among the top 5) of their class as addressed by their teacher or mentor.
  • Students who are the top performers of the HBCSE Math Olympiad
  • Students who have achieved national or international academic recognition
  • Students who have attained national or international academic recognition

ASSET Talent Search Registration Process

The ambitious kids can now register for the ASSET test to achieve their potential online. Students need to make sure that the credentials or information they give is true. If at some point, the credentials are found to be wrong, they'll be disqualified.

Here are the steps to register for the ASSET test:

  • Students should visit the official website of ASSET Talent Search.
  • Students need to fill in their credentials correctly.
  • The enrollment fees of INR 2100 which is not refundable.

ASSET Talent Search Exam Pattern

After registration, they can take the ATS Test from the comfort of their home on the allotted date. Students will only need a Windows operating computer or desktop.

Mentioned below are the details of the Exam pattern of the ASSET Talent Search exam:

  • The students can take the computer-based test at home.
  • The test mainly focuses on these three core subjects – English, Mathematics & Science.
  • The students need to take each subject test conducted separately for a duration of 70 minutes.
  • Students have to note that all three subject tests will be conducted on the same day and that all these three subjects are mandatory for all qualifiers.
  • Students need to know that no specific preparation is required for the test.

ASSET Talent Search Exam Mode

One of the best parts about writing the ASSET test is that it is conducted online. Students can write the exam in the comfort of their homes, and all they need is a Windows operating laptop or desktop and a stable internet connection.

Also, the ASSET Team ensures that no prior preparation is needed to take the test.

ASSET Talent Search Important Dates

The ASSET test is for ambitious and talented children across the country commences in November. There are some dates students need to note.

Tabulated below are the important dates for the ATS exam:

ASSET Talent Search 2023 Exam Date
ATS 2023 Dates
Final Date to Register for ATS Test Now open
Date of Exam (Computer-based Exam at Home) (For India) To be announced
Date of Exam (Except India) To be announced

Why ATS Test?

The ASSET test is a skill-based test that measures the student's conceptual understanding. The tests held in class are not enough to measure the capabilities of a talented child, and that's where ATS plays a part. They shape the talents of the child through advanced learning methods and active participation in social skills. They create a friendly and safe learning environment. Also, the top performers will receive special medals. They can expect to win prizes like a trip to NASA's Kennedy Space Centre and even admission to ASSET Summer Programme, Most Gifted Programme, and ASSET Mentorship Programme.

They will mold the talented students into accomplished successful individuals, who have found and improved their potential.

Certificates and medals are awarded for showing their acknowledgment of their talents. These medals create recognition and also encourage these children's unusual talents into the world.

ASSET Talent Search Preparation

According to the ASSET team, the students need not prepare for the ATS test. The ATS is conducted to test the student's ability to apply conceptual or theoretical knowledge in real life. The candidates can pass the test if they are able to extend their concepts and understandings.

However, the students can refer to their textbooks on the ATS core subjects of Mathematics, English, and Science. Other than textbooks the students are also advised to read books. Literature can be helpful when it comes to a wider understanding of life.

Students should also clear the doubts that arise within their minds without any procrastination.

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