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ASSET Science Exam 2022

The full form of ASSET is Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing. It is a demonstrative test that encourages students to progress academically. ASSET is designed scientifically and is a skill-based assessment test. The questions are multiple-choice questions that focus on measuring skills and concepts practically Rather than testing the memorizing capacity. Through multiple-choice questions, the ASSET focuses on conceptual learning of the school syllabus. Get more details on the ASSET Science Exam 2022.

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Highlights of ASSET Science Exam 2022

ASSET exams are two-level exams that test students' knowledge to use and apply concepts learned in class. ASSET exam focuses on the conceptual learning of students in Maths, Science, and English.

Tabulated below are the highlights of the ASSET Science exam.

ASSET Science Exam Highlights Details
Name of organization Educational Initiatives
Popularly known as ASSET Science Exam
Category Overview
Classes 3-10
Online mock tests dates Available all time
Mode of exam OMR or Computer-Based Test
Exam Dates (Tentative)
  • For India: 26th & 27th November 2022
  • For Abroad: 2nd & 3rd July 2022
Mock test fees
  • Pricing for India: INR 250
  • Pricing for International: USD 6
Mode of reference Online
  • India
  • UAE
  • Singapore
  • Gulf and Africa

ASSET Science Exam 2022

ASSET Science exams academic-oriented educational exam that focuses on conceptual and experimental learning. Besides, it also assesses students the knowledge to apply the concepts learned. ASSET foundation provides a personalized copy of a performance report which contains strong and weak areas of a candidate. 

ASSET Science Exam details is given below:

ASSET Science Exam Details 
Highlights Details
ASSET Science Test ASSET is an academic-oriented test that helps students develop their concepts and creative thinking towards science.
ASSET Preparation ASSET is known as an international benchmarking test continues as a low stake test. Candidates can take ASSET without any preparation as it tests the understanding of the concept.
Student Report
  • The student will be given a performance report that gives their strong areas and weak areas. Also, it contains their international ranking and practices questions to help overcome their misconceptions.
  • A performance report allows students to know whether they have understood a concept clearly.
ASSET Science Exam Design ASSET is a skilled-based test that is scientifically designed: the test assess students' strengths and weaknesses concerning science subject.
ASSET Testing Criteria ASSET Science Exam encourages students to understand concepts innovatively applying them practically. These test helps students to enhance the concept of learning behind the theory, teacher effectiveness, and school benchmark.
Core Skills
  • Knowledge of basic science facts
  • Conceptual understanding and comprehension
  • Reasoning and analysis skills
  • Original thinking

ASSET Science Exam 2022 Application Form

ASSET Science Olympiad registration is done in two ways: students can register by contacting their teacher in charge of ASSET Science 2022 registration and submitting the details required. Besides, students can also proceed with their registration online through the ASSET website (Search for Educational Initiatives and then locate ASSET Science) and then register by providing the required details.

Registration fees of INR 250 should be paid to the school coordinator (if registering via school) or could be paid online (if individual registration).

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ASSET Science Olympiad Admit Card

Once the registration forms are sent to the Education Initiatives, the ASSET science 2022 admit card will be uploaded to the official website. Registered candidates can download the respective admit card from the official website or this page.

Educational Initiatives Foundation will provide an ASSET Science exam admit card. Admit card hard copy must be carried to the examination hall with the school identity card for verification. ASSET Science Olympiad hall tickets will be available online on the Educational Initiatives website, and students can log in to their accounts to download the admit card.

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ASSET Science Olympiad Syllabus

ASSET Science Exams syllabus is taken from the recognized school board syllabus, i.e., CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, or other major state boards. The syllabus of the ASSET Science Exam help in effective and directional preparation for the Olympiad exam.

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ASSET Science Exam 2022 Sample Papers

Preparation using ASSET sample papers helps students take away many important points such as types of questions, the difficulty level of the exam, and the areas they need to improve for the ASSET Science test. It will give an idea about the question paper pattern and the approach to reach the solution.

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ASSET Science Exam Result

ASSET Science results will be announced on the official website of ASSET educational initiatives. The ASSET Science 2022 results will be released in the form of a report containing three documents, Student MyBook, Teacher MyBook, and Management MyBook.

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ASSET Science Exam Awards

The winners of the ASSET exams are awarded certificates, trophies, and other gifted opportunities based on their performance. It manages to provide many benefits to the participating students.

Few awards of the ASSET Science Exam 2022 are listed below.

  • Every participant will receive a certificate.
  • Subject winners receive trophies.
  • Academically bright students are given opportunities based on their Ei ASSET score.
  • Student and teacher support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

ASSET Science Exam Features

It is a skill-based assessment test that has been scientifically designed. Instead of rote learning, multiple-choice questions are used to assess how well the student understands the skills and concepts that underpin the school curriculum.

Some of the key features of ASSET Science Exam 2022 are listed below.

  • Students in grades 3 to 10 take skill-based assessments.
  • English, mathematics, and science are the major disciplines, while social studies and Hindi are optional.
  • Students and teachers receive thorough skill-by-skill feedback, emphasizing strengths and flaws.
  • Students' performance is compared against that of their peers around the country.
  • Generally held during school hours, whether in the summer or winter.

ASSET Science Exam Benefits

There are many benefits in the participating students and it helps in achieving academic excellence by providing scientifically skill-based assessment and feedback.

Some of the benefits of ASSET Science Exam 2022 are listed below.

  • Gives feedback on actual learning. Allows students to understand their current situation and identify areas of strength and weakness.
  • Allows schools to compare themselves to the best and highlight areas where they need to improve.
  • Teachers can see where a student sits with the national average, another sector, or another school.
  • Allows schools to concentrate on initiatives such as teacher training in regions where it is most needed.
  • Gives specific suggestions for enhancing assessment methods.

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