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ASSET Math Syllabus 2023

ASSET Mathematics test will be based on the Indian curriculum (CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, and major state boards). It tests what students have understood regarding the particular subject and does not test their memory. Studying just before the exam will not help students score better than others. Read more books, ask doubts, and clear your concepts with teachers to score better in the ASSET Math syllabus 2023.

ASSET Maths Olympiad Syllabus

ASSET Math Syllabus 2023

There is no particular syllabus for the asset maths exam 2023. As this test mainly assesses a child's conceptual learning, children should learn all the concepts regarding the particular subject.

  • ASSET Math sample paper help students to get familiar with the questions asked in the ASSET Maths Olympiad.
  • ASSET Mathematics is a diagnostic test, not a competitive test. Students are tested based on performance in various skill areas. The report contains strengths and weaknesses in that particular subject.
  • Students do not have to worry about the extra burden of the ASSET Mathematics Talent Search exam or other Olympiad exams.
  • The ASSET Maths question pattern and questions asked in the Olympiad exams will be totally different from those of the academic exam.

ASSET Mathematics Exam Pattern

The asset maths exam 2023 tests the child's ability in maths through multiple-choice questions. Mentioned below are the highlights of the ASSET Mathematics exam pattern.

ASSET Maths Exam Details 2023
ASSET Mathematics Exam Pattern
Classes eligible

3 to 10

Types of questions

MCQ's (Multiple Choice Question)

Number of questions

50 -70 multiple-choice questions


45 minutes to 70 minutes per paper

ASSET Math Syllabus 2023

ASSET intends to improve math education quality and increase students' interest in math with practical rather than theory questions. As there is no particular syllabus, children should learn all concepts regarding the particular subject, by practicing ASSET Maths sample papers, topic-wise practice papers, and mock test papers.

Solving all these papers will help get the trend of questions asked in the ASSET Math exam and the difficulty level in the question papers. Though it is not a competitive exam, it will compare your performance on a different levels (international, national, regional, and school levels).

Skills that are to be tested in the ASSET Math Olympiad exam are,

ASSET Math Exam - Skills Required

Core Skills


Number sense, computations, and basic arithmetic

  • Arithmetic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • Number sense, related concepts, and basic number competency

Intermediate concepts, geometry, and algebra

Basic shapes and geometry

Word and application problems

  • Application in daily life: money, time, calendar, length, word, and visual problems

Problem-solving and advanced problems

Problem-solving: advanced or challenging problems

Benefits of ASSET Mathematics Olympiad

There are a plethora of advantages of writing the ASSET Maths Olympiad exam for students and teachers; they are:

  • Mathematics Olympiad exams do a lot more to make out the best in a child.
  • It enhances in-depth knowledge and understanding of science concepts.
  • Mathematics Olympiad problems are more complex and conceptual, which helps students understand the topic well.
  • Mathematics Olympiad helps develop analytical thinking in children.
  • Experience science in practical situations and how each concept is used in life.
  • It points out the area of strength as well as the weakness of the candidate.
  • ASSET Math exam will test your concept rather than memory.
  • Solving ASSET Mathematics sample papers will help to get familiar with the ASSET exams.

Get a clear idea about ASSET Math Exam 2023 as this gives feedback on the student's real learning about the concepts. The students should follow this practice for their holistic learning in their education.

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