ETT (Elementary Teacher Training)


2 Years

Average Fees

5,000 to 25,000 PA

Surobhi Chatterjee

Updated on Feb 15, 2023 by Surobhi Chatterjee

Surobhi Chatterjee

Updated on Feb 15, 2023 by Surobhi Chatterjee

ETT is a two-year-long diploma course that deals with helping aspiring teachers learn about different teaching methods and techniques for preschoolers. Some of the job roles students can pursue upon the completion of the ETT course duration are Primary School Teacher, Research Associate, Prep School Teacher, Language Editor ,etc.

ETT Course Details

Degree Diploma
Full Form Elementary Teacher Training
Duration 2 Years
Age Minimum age is 17 Years
Subjects Required Any stream at 10+2 level
Minimum Percentage Minimum 50% in 10+2
Average Fees 5,000 to 25,000 PA
Similar Options of Study Nursery Teacher Training [NTT]
Average Salary The average ETT course salary in India is 2.37 Lakh per annum.
Employment Roles Primary School Teacher, Research Associate, Prep School Teacher, Language Editor etc.
Opportunities Primary Schools

About ETT

The full form of ETT is Elementary Teacher Training. The course aim is to teache the students how to become competent enough to teach in a classroom at an elementary school. ETT Job scope is extensive, providing roles ranging from research associate to language editor. The ETT syllabus and subjects are designed to ensure that the students have access to all the key information they need to become successful in their chosen career paths.

Table of Contents

Eligibility Criteria for ETT Course

ETT course eligibility demands the students to have pursued a 10+2 examination with 50% or higher from any recognised boards. The course has a minimum age limit of 17 years. 

How To Get Admission in an ETT Course? 

The admissions to the ETT course can be done through both online and offline methods. ETT admissions are also available from the website or by directly visiting the college's admissions office. Below are some questions regarding the details of the admission process in general: 

ETT admission Process

How to Apply? 

The ETT course duration is two years. The students can avail the of admission through both the online and offline methods. The offline method includes the students needing to go to the admission office near them and submit the application and paperwork in person. For the online application, they can do so through the college website.

Selection Process 

The selection for ETT best colleges in India is either based on merit or an entrance-based selection process. Some of the top colleges for ETT offer admissions strictly based on the candidate’s performance in the entrance examinations or merit score. The students have to appear for entrance examinations such as TET, CTET, etc .to name a few to qualify for the course.

The best colleges for ETT in India offer admissions to candidates based on their performance in the entrance exam process. This is done to ensure they select the best candidates with the desired set of skills. Mentioned below are some of the popular entrance exams for ETT:

  • TET
  • CTET

Top 10 ETT Colleges in India 

The top ETT colleges in India include many top private and ETT government colleges in India. Listed below are the top 10 colleges for the course inclusive of private ETT colleges in India and govt colleges:


Name of the College

Average Fees


Bharathiar University, [BU] Coimbatore

INR 7,000 PA


Sri Sai College of Engineering and Technology, [SSCET] Anantapur

INR 44,000 PA


Doaba Group of Colleges, [DGC] Mohali

INR 30,000 PA


Barahona College, [BC] Jorhat

INR 25,000 PA


Shanti Niketan College of Education, Srinagar

INR 32,000 PA


St Soldier College of Education, Jalandhar

INR 4,000 PA


DAV College of Education for Women, Amritsar

INR 52,000 PA


Rani Avantibai Lodhi Institute of Higher Education College, Firozabad



Chenab Institute of Education Research and Teacher Training, Jammu

INR 24,000 PA


Guru Nanak Dev College of Education, Mohali

INR 40,000 PA

Top 10 ETT Colleges

Fee Structure for ETT

The ETT colleges don’t charge a fixed fee, as the fee of the colleges differs according to location, infrastructure and faculty. The average ETT course fee is around INR 50,000 - 5 LPA. Given below is the ETT fees structure for different institutes around the country:

Sl. No.

Name of the Institute

Average Annual Fees


Symbiosis School of Photography, Symbiosis International University



Bangalore University

INR 21,000 PA


Lovely Professional University

INR 58,000 PA

Syllabus and Subjects for ETT

ETT is a diploma certificate course that trains students in teaching preschool and day schoolers. The course has both core and elective subjects part of the curriculum.  Some of the subjects are listed below:

  • Education in Emerging India
  • Content Cum Methodology in EVS - II- General Science
  • Art Education and Work Experience
  • Health and Physical Education

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Why Choose ETT? 

Students often wonder about ETT details before choosing the course. Before deciding on a career, students come across queries like, "What is ETT course?" and "Why choose an ETT degree?”. To clearly understand answers to these questions and know more about ETT, we have framed the following three pointers:

Why choose ETT course

What is an ETT All About?

ETT course is a diploma course that trains aspirants in the classroom methodologies required for preschool and primary school teaching. It is ideal for those who love working with children and want to play an active role in shaping the future of society.

What Does an ETT Graduate Do?

ETT helps an aspiring teacher to learn the relationship between the school and the community.The ETT course also helps one learn conflict management skills and real-time classroom management skills.

Preschool Teacher: Nursery and early years teachers help build the early blocks of kindness and care that are inbuilt in the child to nurture and develop the knowledge, abilities, and social skills from birth to five years old, giving them the best possible start to their education.

Reasons Why ETT Can Fetch You a Rewarding Career?

The ETT course provides students with the exact knowledge of how to work in the education sector, ways to teach kids of different ages, and improve their knowledge of themselves.

Diversity and Career Scope: ETT course enables the students to work for various educational institutions. ETT Course is beneficial in another way as students can go for a higher degree program in the respective teaching field.

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Preparation Tips for ETT

Some of the essential course preparation tips for a candidate who wants to pursue ETT are:

Get to know the Syllabus: The syllabus of the course is one of the essential factors which a student should focus upon as this helps a student to focus during the time of the examination.

Make a Plan: Make a course plan that can help the student to plan according to the study of the work which enables them to keep both balanced.

Connect With Fellow Students: Start connecting with peers who can help you with providing an exchange of knowledge that might help you to excel in the course.

Understanding the Course: Understanding the course is very much important before studying. Understanding the importance of the course will help the students to learn more about the course easily.

Revising Regularly: Revision of the subjects is very important. Revising regularly helps the students to learn the subjects easily without struggling to answer the exams.

Scope For Higher Education 

There are many higher education options available for ETT graduates. Students may choose to pursue higher education as it can help them to learn about a topic and subject in greater depth and detail. Listed below are some of the higher education options available:

  • B.Ed
  • D.El.Ed
  • M.Ed
  • MBA
  • PhD

Salary of an ETT Graduate

ETT courses vary with different schools and hiring places. ETT course graduates get decent pay compared to other diploma degree holders. The average ETT course salary in India is INR 2.37 LPA [Source: Glassdoor].

This salary is not fixed and can vary according to different factors. Some of the factors that influence the salary include the designation, education level, experience and location. Students can further increase their salary by obtaining higher education or certifications.

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Career Options After ETT

Various schools provide job opportunities for ETT course graduates. Some of the ETT course job profiles are mentioned below:

  • Primary Teacher
  • Madam, In-charge & Helper
  • Research Associate
  • Part-time Teacher
  • Prep School Teacher
  • Language Editor
  • Dayschool Teacher

Skills That Make You The Best ETT Graduate

There are many skills that ETT graduate needs to have to ensure that they succeed in their careers. Some of these skills are listed below:

  • Flexible Temperament
  • Ability to Work Under Pressure
  • Time Management Skills
  • Quantitative Ability Skills
  • Logical Reasoning Skills

Top Education Entrance Exams


Exam Date: May 21, 2023


Are elementary school teachers in demand?

There has been a rise in the number of pre-schools and also in the number of primary schools. This keeps elementary school teachers in demand and makes it easier for elementary school teachers to find jobs.

How many hours do elementary teachers work?

Elementary teachers get to work the least when compared to other class of teaching faculty as most of ETT course graduates get to work in pre-schools.

Do elementary teachers work during the school holidays?

Elementary teachers might not get to work much in the school holidays compared to primary and high school teachers.

What is the scope after ETT course?

The scope after ETT Course is quite abundant as candidates can get various job opportunities in the Education sector such as Primary School Teacher, Research Associate, Prep School Teacher, Language Editor etc.

What is the difference between NTT and ETT ?

NTT stands for Nursery Teachers Training, whereas ETT stands for Elementary Teacher Training. NTT course is mainly for teachers of children under the age of four and ETT course is for teachers of children ages between 4 to 14.

What is the Salary after ETT course?

The salary after ETT course ranges between INR 2.37 LPA.

What is the eligibility for the ETT course?

ETT course requires candidates to qualify 10+2 examination with a 50% score from any recognised board.

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