Diploma in Retail Management Jobs: 

The Diploma in Retail Management course graduates has various jobs that are available in the retail management sector. The retail sector is one of the major sectors in the industry where there is tremendous growth, therefore the requirement for the professionals is in need. Some of the job opportunities that are available are listed below:

  • Retail Accounts Manager
  •  Retail Banking Manager
  •  Key Accounts Manager
  • Regional Business Manager
  •  Assistant Department Manager
  •  Relationship Manager
  •  Senior Sales Manager
  •  Head Retail Operations Manager
  •  Manager
  •  Store Manager

Diploma in Retail Management Jobs for Freshers: 

Fresher graduates of the Diploma in Retail Management course have various jobs that are available in the retail sector. The entry-level jobs in the retail sector consist of jobs that are available for the freshers.

Salary Scale Based on Job Position for Diploma in retail management Course:

Job Avg Salary Per Annum
Retail Accounts Manager INR 313,134 PER ANNUM
Store Manager INR 302,381 PER  ANNUM
Retail Banking Manager INR 395,128 PER ANNUM
Regional Business Manager INR 1,027,224 PER ANNUM
Relationship Manager INR 375,227 PER ANNUM
Head Retail Operations Manager INR 600,000 PER ANNUM
Key Accounts Manager INR 692,467 PER ANNUM
Assistant Department Manager INR 418,036 PER ANNUM

Key Stats For Diploma in Retail Management Course:

Source: Payscale


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