Diploma in Nursing Syllabus and Subjects

Duration: 3 Years
Avg Fees: ₹2 LPA
Kripal Thapa
Kripal Thapa

Updated on - Oct 3, 2022

The Diploma in Nursing syllabus is curated for three years divided into six semesters. It is a Diploma course. It focuses on topics like Anatomy, First Aid, Microbiology, Psychology, Personal Hygiene, etc. This mainly emphasizes the administration of nursing departments and the fundamentals of nursing.  After the course, students are offered a 6-month internship program by their respective colleges. Students get placements at different organizations like Educational Institutes, Nursing Homes, Administration Departments, etc. They can further work as Nursing Assistants or Staff Nurses.

Semester Wise Diploma in Nursing Syllabus

The syllabus is divided into six semesters. Students get trained for curing the patient's illness and taking care of the patient. Students are introduced to some topics such as Fundamentals of Nursing, Psychology, Obstetrical Nursing, Community Health Nursing, etc. The Diploma in Nursing course is the study of the nursing and medical sciences. This course deals with the administration department of healthcare. The curriculum includes dealing with the mental and physical health of a patient. The semester wise subjects in Diploma Nursing are given below in the table: 

Diploma in Nursing First Year Syllabus

Semester I

Semester II


Fundamentals of Nursing


Assessment of Patient

Introduction to Laboratory Techniques

First Aid


Concept of Health


Personal Hygiene


Diploma in Nursing Second Year Syllabus

 Semester III

Semester IV

Medical-Surgical Nursing I

Oncology/ Skin

Communicable Disease

Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing

Ear, Nose, and Throat

Mental Disorders

Management of Disorders

Computer Education


Diploma in Nursing Third Year Syllabus

Semester V

Semester VI

Midwifery and Gynaecological Nursing

Pediatric Nursing

Community Health Nursing

Community Health Service

Diploma in Nursing Subjects

Diploma in Nursing subjects is designed in a way to give students valuable and important assessments for life. The Diploma in Nursing subjects not only focuses on bookwise or classroom-wise studies but also prepares students for practical assessments. Topics like Obstetrical Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Community Health Nursing, Medical and Surgical Nursing are a few subjects focused on in the Diploma in Nursing course. Diploma in Nursing subjects include:

  • Resource Management
  • Group Dynamics
  • Field Study/Seminar
  • Principles and Practise of Nursing administration

Diploma in Nursing Course Structure

The diploma in Nursing course syllabus PDF structure is designed for three years divided into six semesters. In the first year, students are introduced to the fundamentals of Nursing departments and basic analogy. In the second year, students learn assessment of Nursing, along with different organs of the body. In this year students are introduced to computers and disk operating systems. In the third and the final year, students learn about the Health System of India and Community health care. Students are provided with Laboratory practices and research materials for better understanding and practical approach. The course structure is as follows:

  • VI Semesters
  • Practical Workshops
  • Laboratory Practices
  • Research Projects

Diploma in Nursing Teaching Methodology and Techniques

Diploma in Nursing curriculum includes different teaching methods. Teaching is not only done with laboratory and lessons, but it also includes training of other aspects such as communication skills, good behaviour, and attitude. Diploma Nursing course syllabus includes both physical and mental health. Diploma in Nursing provides students with learning of core subjects like Basic Science, Nutrition and Dieticians, Pediatric Nursing, Medical and Surgical Nursing, etc.

Listed below are some of the methodology and techniques of Diploma in Nursing:

  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Clinical Experiences
  • Laboratory Experiences
  • Small and Large Group Discussions
  • Flipped Classroom
  • Gaming

Diploma in Nursing Projects

Diploma Nursing projects are practised for understanding different aspects of nursing along with fun practices. Projects are given to the students with a foundation of time. Some of the Diploma in Nursing Projects are:

  • Knowledge, attitude, and perception of Lassa fever among people
  • Psychology impact of living with sickle cell anaemia
  • Assessment of healthcare waste management practices among health workers
  • The influence of stress on work behaviour among nurses

Diploma in Nursing Reference Books

Diploma in Nursing books are available both online and offline by many publications and authors. Reference books are also available in PDF format. Here are some Diploma in Nursing reference books along with their author names:

Diploma in Nursing books

Name of the Books


Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology

Karna Muni Sekhar

Community Health Nursing

S.Bhagya Lakshmi

Child Health Nursing

S. Gomathi

Medical-Surgical Nursing

P. M. Pratibha


Is diploma nursing better than BSc nursing?

No, a Diploma in Nursing provides fundamental topics and techniques in nursing, whereas in B.Sc Nursing, the candidate deals with the topic in detail.

Is diploma nursing difficult?

Yes, a Diploma in Nursing is as challenging as UG courses in Nursing with many credit hours, subjects and practical.

What are the benefits of diploma nursing?

A diploma in nursing has benefits such as a variety of work opportunities as a healthcare nurse, clinical specialist, home care nurse, etc.

What is the salary of diploma in nursing in India?

On average, a diploma in nursing candidate earns about INR 20,000 to INR 60,000 per month.