Diploma in Multimedia Syllabus: 

The syllabus in the curriculum of the Diploma in Multimedia course are listed below:

Diploma in Multimedia Syllabus
SI No Syllabus
1 Introduction to Multimedia
2 Multimedia Processing Techniques
3 Multimedia Design Principles and Applications
4 Use of Multimedia Systems & its applications
5 Edit Multimedia Files using different Techniques
6 Use of Scalable Vector Graphics
7 Image Editing using various Techniques
8 Use and application Visual Design Techniques
Objective Questions and Assignments on Design and its need
Design Specifics, Scripts, Storyboards and Flowchart

The subjects that are included in the curriculum of the diploma in the multimedia course are listed below:

Diploma in Management Subjects  
1 Graphics
2 After effects
3 Editing
4 Matte Painting
5 Camera Tracking
6 Compositing
7 Sound Forge
8 Rotoscope
9 Nuke
11 CSS
12 Javascript
13 Flash
14 Dreamweaver

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