Diploma in Business Management Syllabus and Subjects

Duration: 1 Year
Avg Fees: ₹30 - 50K PA

Diploma in Business Management syllabus is divided into two semesters consisting of both core and elective subjects.  The course focuses on imparting students a strong foundation of core subjects such as Business Economics, Marketing Principles, Human Resource Management, Financial Accounting, Entrepreneurship Basics, Principles of Management, Business Communication, Marketing Management etc. 

DBM course syllabus includes elective subjects such as Infrastructure, International Business, Business Research, Entrepreneurship, E-Commerce, Taxation, Supply Chain Management, etc from which students can choose the subjects of their choice based on their interests.

The Diploma Business Management syllabus varies from one college to another but most of the syllabus and subjects covers topic related to marketing, economics, accounting and finance. Diploma in Business Management course is a one-year course diploma course that focuses on an in-depth study of business management principles with hands-on experience and training such as industry visits, workshops etc. The course does not include any internship opportunities.

Table of Contents

 Semester Wise Diploma in Business Management Syllabus

Diploma in Business Management course focuses on understanding business management through subjects like principles of management, information systems etc in the first semester and subjects such as marketing management, financial management etc during the second semester. 

The DBM syllabus has two parts, a compulsory set of courses covering all foundation areas in literature and a set of elective courses that aims at building job-specific skills and knowledge.

 The course covers fundamentals and skill-based subjects. Following is the semester-wise Diploma Business Management syllabus

Semester I

Semester II

Management of Accounting and Applied Statistics

Financial Management

Management Information System

Marketing Management

Principles of Management

Human Resource Management


Production and Operation Management


Project Work and Viva

Diploma in Business Management Subjects

Diploma Business Management subjects list focuses on enabling the students with the required skills and knowledge pertaining to business management and entrepreneurship skills. Below listed are Diploma in Business Management subjects which are classified into core and elective subjects.

Diploma in Business Management Core Subjects

The core subjects in Diploma in Business Management focus on helping students gain a strong knowledge of foundations such as Human Resources, Communication, Business Law and Policy etc. Listed below are the core Diploma in Business Management subjects

  • Human Resources
  • Marketing Principles
  • Business Communication
  • Business Economics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Project Management
  • Business Law and Policy
  • Entrepreneurship Basics

Diploma in Business Management Elective Subjects

The candidates pursuing the Business Management Diploma course can choose the elective subjects of their choice based on career opportunities, scope for higher education, area of interest etc. Listed below are the Diploma in Business Management subject list for elective subjects

  • Infrastructure
  • International Business
  • Import & Export
  • E-Commerce
  • Digital Marketing
  • Project Management

Diploma in Business Management Subjects in Detail

The subjects in Diploma Business Management cover both basic and in-depth topics related to Principles of Marketing, Business Ethics and Social Responsibility., Business Mathematics and Statistics, Business Research Methods etc. Below listed are some of the Diploma Business Management subjects and the topics covered:

Diploma in Business Management Subjects

Topics Covered

Management of Accounting and Applied Statistics

Probability testing, Statistical testing, parameter estimation, regression analysis, management accounting, auditing

Management Information System

Business Communication, Advanced System Analysis and Design, Economic Analysis, Database Management

Business Economics

Micro Economics, macroeconomics, Business Environment, Business Laws, Business Statistics

Marketing Management

Consumer behaviour, competitive marketing, sales establishment, Business marketing, brand management 

Financial Management

Risk Management, money and capital markets, portfolio analysis, international finance, managerial finance

Basics of Entrepreneurship

Management Foundations, Business environment, Basic mathematics and statistical Techniques, Quantitative techniques for business management

College-Wise Diploma in Business Management Syllabus

The Diploma Business Management syllabus differs from one college to another with certain similarities following the same structure. To learn about a particular college syllabus in detail candidates can visit the college's official website and download the Diploma Business Management syllabus PDF 2023. Below listed are Business Management Diploma course syllabi from the best colleges in India:

Shivaji University Diploma in Business Management Syllabus

The Diploma in Business Management syllabus at Shivaji University covers all the aspects of business management including business Skills, operations management and practical projects. Below listed is the Business Management Diploma course syllabus:



Fundamentals of Management

Operations Management

Talley, GST and ERP

Business Skills

Digital Marketing

Small Business Management

Employee and Labour Relations

Project Report and Viva- Voce

University of Hyderabad Diploma in Business Management Syllabus

The Diploma in Business Management syllabus at the University of Hyderabad is classified into core subjects focusing on topics such as organizational behaviour, marketing management, accounting management etc. Below listed is the semester-wise syllabus for the Business Management Diploma program at the University of Hyderabad:



Principles of Management and Organizational Behaviour

Strategic Management

Marketing Management

Operations Management

Accounting & Financial Management

Customer Relationship Management 

Management Information Systems 

Sales and Distribution Management

Human Resource Management

Supply Chain Management 

Quantitative and research Methods

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management


Project Work and Report

Diploma in Business Management Project Topics

Most of the college or university offering Diploma in Business Management course has project work as mandatory during the second semester as it will help the students to understand the practical aspects of the course. Below listed are some of the trending project topics for the Business Management Diploma Course:

  • The role of strategic management in corporate performance
  • Government Regulation and Control of Business in a Developing Economy
  • Effects of Motivation and Job satisfaction on organisational productivity
  • Managing Technology & Innovation
  • Resources Management & Sustainable Development
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Responsibility, Ethics & Accountability
  • Survey of management issues in small-scale industries 

Diploma in Business Management Course Structure

The DBM course syllabus is designed in a way that the course mainly focuses on enabling students with a strong foundation of business management at all levels including Finance, Operations, Administration, HR, Sales and Marketing. Below is the Diploma in Business Management Course Structure, which includes:

  • Two Semesters
  • Core Subjects
  • Elective Subjects
  • Project Work/Thesis

Diploma in Business Management Teaching Methodology and Techniques

DBM course focuses on different aspects of business management that give information and preparation related to planning, execution, supervision, and analysis of a business endeavour (enterprise). The course is designed based on requirements and helps get the most exposure to the field, and the DBM course subjects deal with the same. Learning strategies have varying implications for courses.

  • Assignments
  • Case studies/ Research work
  • Internships based on colleges 
  • Field Projects 
  • Guest Lectures and Seminars
  • Group presentations
  • Extra Curricular Activities

Diploma in Business Management Reference Books

Apart from the topics covered in the course curriculum, candidates can refer to books to gain in-depth knowledge of the subject published by famous authors who have opened up about their thought processes, thus helping in become more skilled and knowledgeable about business and finance, which are a major part of DBM subjects. Tabulated below are some of the book references for Diploma in Business Management

Diploma in Business Management Books


Topics Covered

Financial Intelligence

Karen Berman and Joe Knight

Measuring profits, ROI, How to read basic financial statements, financial literacy, numeracy, and emotional intelligence

A Dictionary Of Accounting

Law Jonathan

Financial accounting, Financial reporting, management accounting, direct taxation, indirect taxation, auditing, corporate finance, and accounting bodies and institutions

The Oxford Encyclopedia Of American Business, Labor, And Economic History

Dubofsky Melvin

History of Economics, Origin of Labour, Labour laws and Management, concepts of business management

The Ultimate Business and Management Reference

Ray Myers

Finance, marketing, customer acquisition and retention, human resources, production and quality control

The Basic Business Library: Core Resources and Services

Lorna M. Daniells

Up-to-date guide also discusses strategies for acquiring and building the business collection, Various business research, market research, investment, economics, management and marketing, investment etc.