Diploma in Banking and Finance Jobs:

After the effective completion of this course, graduates have chances to join reputed banking and investment sectors holding basic level positions in both government division and private divisions.. 

The students are prepared in different parts of Banking and Finance, making them an ideal person for employment in stock markets, financial firms and many more. 

Students are delivered with skills of investments and financial management sectors, picking up information on corporate finance, investment and securities, which can get them more higher paying jobs for both freshers and experienced experts.

Diploma holders have a wide field of occupation in various segments of Banking, Corporate Banking, Financial Sector, Auditing Departments, Credit Administration and other such. 

The candidates  can work in positions such as Business Analyst, Internal Auditor, Loan Counselor, Credit and Risk Manager, Stock Analyst, and so forth. 

The table beneath shows a portion of the normal employments that you can get after the fulfillment of Diploma in Banking and Finance:


Job profile

Job description

Average Salary per annum


Loan Counsellor/Officer

A Loan Counselor helps customers to get a more profound knowledge into whether the loan suits the necessity of the customers or not. They additionally give customers a comprehension of loans limitations and repayment policies.



Securities Analyst

They are dynamic and side by side about the most recent patterns and news just as about mergers and acquisitions, companies financial stability and position in the market.



Administrative Officer (AO)

Their work incorporates offering administrative help to customers and dealing with their questions. They are likewise answerable for preparing reports, framing budgets and organization of company records.

INR 3.49 LPA


Internal Auditor

They are normally liable for the examining of internal reports, guaranteeing straightforwardness and helping organizations in tallying their funds.

INR 4.67 LPA


Recovery Agent

They help customers to recover their obligation and property, working for individuals just as organizations and companies.



Market Analyst

They work in performing marketing research, gathering information to help organizations in meeting their objective deals, assessing and utilizing statistical techniques to explore market methods.

INR 3.55 LPA


Financial Analyst

They are mindful to make budgetary models by gathering information, observing and making an intensive report. Their work additionally incorporates identifying trends, forecasting and helping organizations in decision making with respect to finances.

INR 4.46 LPA


Money Manager

They are normally utilized in top organizations and answerable for the organization of protections, investigating, and observing sales and assets of the organization.



Credit and Risk Manager

The work includes the development and Processing procedures so as to reduce credit risk for financial institutions. It likewise incorporates building budgetary models which empower to predict the credit hazard measures for the organization


Future Scope


The extent of work in the Banking and Finance sector is a lot higher if the expert has some foundation in the field. Hence, if you don't want the chance that you would prefer not to seek after a Bachelor or Postgraduate certificate, you should seek after this 1 year Diploma course to get the fundamental thought regarding the field 

Different viewpoints like financial planning, assess management, retail banking, and different subjects are included in the syllabus, which makes the diploma holder best for introductory or entry level occupations. 

After some experience and clearing the banking exams, experts are qualified to apply for senior level posts which can get them a compensation of around INR 40,000-80,000 every month. 

However, the vast majority of the diploma holders want to go for higher education on account of so much competition and the qualifications clearly helps a great deal if landing more significant salary positions.

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