The Syllabus of Diploma in Anaesthesia has been designed to give equal onus on the theoretical study of anesthesia technology and practical study of the same. The course duration is, however, not similar across India, and varies according to the university standard and procedures. The course is commonly pursued for 2 years duration in several universities across India.

The first half the course would provide more focus on theoretical studies of human physiology and anatomy and basic surgical procedures and the physics behind anesthesia.  The second half of the course offers a greater emphasis on technical details and types of anesthesia methods employed for various surgical procedures along with efficient patient preparation and medical condition monitoring. The curriculum offers several practical sessions, that will help the graduates to gain the exposure required for the job scope. This will further enhance the job opportunities for Diploma in Anaesthesia graduates.  The curriculum consists of the following subjects:

Diploma in Anaesthesia Subjects:

The following subjects are pursued during the course:

Diploma in Anaesthesia Syllabus
SI No Subjects
1 Human Physiology and Anatomy
2 Pharmacology
3 Human Pathology
4 Perioperative Anaesthesia Management
5 Anesthesia machine - assembly of necessary items.
6 Fluidics
7 Hematology
8 Hospital Awareness.
9 Patient-related services
10 Surgical Preparation


Diploma in Anaesthesia Syllabus
SI No Subjects
1 Theory of various aspects of Anaesthesia Routine & Emergency cases
2 Biochemistry in anesthesia
3 Pre-operative preparation
4 Cannulization and Blood Transfusion Procedure
5 History of Anaesthesia
6 .Arterial, Central Venous, and P.A. Lines
7 Management of Equipment Essential Equipment in use
8 Bronchodilators
9 Cardiovascular Physiology
10 Airway management
11 Special Monitoring
12 Instrumentation Study

Other Related Syllabus and Subjects:

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