Syllabus and Subjects for Diploma In Agriculture :

The syllabus followed by Universities and Colleges are as follows as per the course curriculum: 

Diploma in Agriculture Syllabus 
Semester I
SI No Syllabus
1 Introductory Agriculture and Principles of Agronomy
2 Field Crop Production -I (kharif)
3 Fundamentals of Soil Science
4 Fundamentals of Entomology
5 Economic Botany
6 Principles of Horticulture
7 Biomathematics


Diploma in Agriculture Syllabus
Semester II
SI No Syllabus
1 Soil chemistry, soil fertility and nutrient management
2 Principles of Insect control
3 Introductory Plant Pathology and Nematology
4 Fundamentals of Agricultural Engineering
5 Principles of Agricultural Economics
6 Agricultural meteorology
7 Principles of Live stock& Poultry Production


Diploma in Agriculture Syllabus
Semester III
SI No Syllabus
1 Organic Farming and Sustainable Agriculture
2 Practical Crop Production
3 Plant nutrition, manures and fertilizers
4 Principles of genetics
5 Pests of field crops and their management
6 Diseases of field crops and their management
7 Production technology of fruit crops


Diploma In Agriculture Syllabus
Semester IV
SI No Syllabus
1 Water Management
2 Weed management
3 Crop Physiology
4 Production Technology of Vegetable Crops
5 Post-harvest technology
6 Introduction to computer application


Diploma in Agriculture Subjects:

The subjects followed in diploma in agriculture are listed below: 

Diploma in Agriculture Subjects 
Semester I
SI No Subjects
1 Agronomic Principles, Practices and Meteorology
2 Soils and Fertility Management
3 Fruit Culture and propagation
4 Farm Structures, Machinery and Post Harvest Processing
5 Fundamentals of Livestock and Poultry Production
6 Computer Application
7 Physical Education


Diploma in Agriculture Subjects 
Semester II 
SI No Subjects
1 Irrigation and Weed Management
2 Agronomy of Field Crops
3 Vegetable Culture
4 General and Economic Entomology
5 Principles of Plant Pathology
6 Energy and Environment
7 Food Science and Nutrition


Diploma in Agriculture Subjects
Semester III
SI No Subjects
1 Crop production
2 Commercial Floriculture and Ornamental Gardening
3 Breeding of Field Crops
4 Crop Pests and their Management
5 Crop Diseases and their Management
6 Commercial Agriculture
7 Agricultural Economics and Marketing


Diploma in Agriculture Subjects
Semester IV
SI No Subjects
1 Dry Farming and Agroforestry
2 Spices Plantation and Medicinal Plant Culture
3 Seed Production
4 Commercial Agriculture
5 Extension Methods and Audio Visual Aids
6 Language for Communication

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