DCA Syllabus and Subjects

Duration: 1 Year
Avg Fees: ₹10K - 50K

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The DCA course imparts practical and theoretical knowledge in the subject areas to the students, such as basics of computer, management information system, financial accounting system,  etc. DCA job scope  is expanded into various areas or industries such as information technology, BPOs, KPO, banking, etc. in both private and public sectors. 

Semester Wise DCA Syllabus 

The computer DCA course syllabus introduces a skill development approach along with the theoretical aspect to ensure students gain a skill set before joining the industry. For instance, the scope of document handling and document formatting along with the windows fundamentals form a crux of the DCA course.

Aspirants of the course should download the DCA course material to get the best possible idea of the demands of the semester wise DCA course syllabus. The computer diploma course syllabus aims to enhance the computer programming and document handling abilities of the individual to provide the best asset upon joining the working industry.

The semester wise DCA syllabus focuses on studying the concepts of computer fundamentals, window settings, document handling, network programming, database management and office automation. The semester wise Diploma in Computer Application Syllabus is mentioned below: 

Semester I

Semester II

Practical on Application Program

Visual Basics

Operating System and Application Program

Database Management System

Programming Language

Internet and Web Page Designing

Fundamentals of Computer

App Development


Project Work

DCA Subjects

The DCA subjects introduce the aspirants of the course to foundational concepts of computer fundamentals and their applications. The syllabus of DCA is an amalgamation of academic lectures along with seminars, lab work and project submissions.

Computer course DCA syllabus and its subjects not only provide students with a framework idea of computer operations but also the demands of the industry and their pragmatic scope. Before joining, students should download the DCA syllabus 2021 PDF to understand the various tenets and scope of the Diploma in Computer Application Subjects. The DCA subject list is listed below: 

  • Programming Language
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Database Management System
  • Operating System and Application Program
  • App Development
  • Web Page Designing

Understanding DCA Syllabus

The DCA syllabus is organised chronologically to provide you with a thorough grasp of the fundamentals before facilitating your in-depth study of computer technology. The DCA syllabus is listed below in the tabular format:

Subject Category

Topics Covered in DCA Syllabus

Financial Accounting System

Storing Financial Data, Basics of Excel and Tally, etc.

Database Management System

Introduction to SQL

Basic Networking Concepts

LAN, Networking Devices, WAN, MAN IoT,TCP/IP, Types of Networking, etc

Internet and its Usage

E-commerce,  Social Media, Websites and Webpages, Conferencing, E-governance, Emails, Research, etc.

Introduction to Windows

Window Setting, Windows, Basics of Operating System, User Interface, and Advanced functions associated with the operating system

Management Information System

Visualization of Data, Assimilation and Organization

Principles of Programming

Programing Basics, Introduction to various Programming Languages like JAVA, Python, C, etc


File Formats, Adobe Suite, Multimedia Compression,  Multimedia Components, and Multimedia Sharing

Microsoft Office 2007

DTP work, Spreadsheet Package, Workbook, Worksheets and Web PagesPresentations, Basic Animation, and so on are all concepts connected to Word Processing.

Basics of Computer

Multimedia and Applications, Computer Software and Hardware, Computer System, Central Processing Unit, Secondary Storage Devices, File System Input Devices, Multimedia and Applications, Computer Software and Hardware

DCA Course Structure

The computer DCA syllabus for the 2-semester duration is structured in a way to provide its students with industrial soft skills along with theoretical knowledge. Questions such as ‘What is the syllabus of DCA?’ should be asked by aspirants before joining to get a better understanding of the syllabus demands.

The DCA course syllabus along with traditional lectures also provides practical classes. Lab classes form the basis of the DCA syllabus. Along with the mentioned features, seminars and project work during the one-year duration provide a dynamic approach to the DCA computer course syllabus. Listed below is the course structure of the syllabus of DCA: 

  • II semesters
  • Classroom lectures
  • Lab training
  • Project work
  • Industry projects
  • Seminars

DCA Teaching Methodology and Techniques

The teaching methodology and techniques of the DCA subjects are more pragmatic than theoretical in comparison to many other courses available. A semester I DCA subject name translates to Practical on C Programming and Application Program which is completely a lab oriented subject. The DCA course subjects ensure the students develop the required skills and aptitude to excel in the job industry.

Since the syllabus of DCA is a foundational course rather than an in-depth approach unlike MCA, there is a balance of both low tech and high tech approaches in the pedagogy to not overburden its students. Listed below are some of the teaching methodology and techniques for the computer DCA syllabus:

  • The audio lecture training method
  • The low tech training method
  • Visual approach training
  • The high tech training method
  • Personalised approach
  • 1 to 1 training
  • Counselling sessions
  • Practical/ lab work
  • Online added computer materials

DCA Projects

The DCA projects ensure students get a real-time experience before jumping the ship to the working sector. DCA course syllabus projects seek to provide the students with a practical scenario for them to hone their computer application skills.

Before the completion of the DCA syllabus duration, students are expected to provide project work showcasing their understanding of the course along with highlighting their skill set. The DCA computer course syllabus projects act as a launching pad for many aspiring candidates in the industry where recruiters hire based upon their pragmatic approach to a problem situation.

Listed below are some of the popular DCA project topics:

  • PHP and its scope for online examination system
  • Scope of Java for vehicle management system
  • Development of mobile shopping project app
  • Software development scope for attendance management

DCA Reference Books

A DCA book of any concerned subject in the syllabus is available to the students through both the offline and online modes. Students need to download the DCA study material PDF online to ensure they make purchases with minimal costs. To get the best book for DCA course specialisations, students need to get an idea beforehand through research or consultation about the canonical texts of the course. Listed below are some of the popular DCA syllabus reference books:

Name of the Books


Complete Guide to Linux

Peter Norton

Fundamentals of Information Technology

Alexis and Matthew Leon

Java- The Complete Reference

Herbert Schildt

Diploma in Computer Application

Madhur Kumar Telang

Computer in Application Business

R Parameswaran

Data and Computer Applications

William Stallings