VFX is a short term for the word Visual effects, which refers to enhancing a video project shot with live-action, by adding on computer-generated. I.e. CG, effects which change the environment or other elements in the video and create a completely new video. In today’s world, where the digital world has almost blended into, if not taken over, the real world. Moreover, India is very rapidly earning a name in the world marketplace for its VFX artists, and India has gone from providing post-production services to Hollywood movies to setting up its VFX studios. So, VFX is a booming industry with amazing and well-paid job opportunities. The heightened consumption of digital media such as movies and shows due to widespread and easy availability has made VFX jobs so in demand. It also finds great use in advertising and e-commerce websites.

in this article you will get complete VFX course Information. In short from this article you will Discover more About VFX Course in the terms of  VFX Course Details

What is VFX Course?

VFX course refers to the training one must undergo in terms of art, techniques, and software needed to apply visual effects and animation to video media. It is a very easily available course in every city of India. I know also there are numerous VFX course option are available for students to choose like

  • The minimum Eligibility for VFX Course  admission is different for diploma certificate or degree courses
  • A student can opt diploma/ certification in VFX Course After 10th.
  • But for pursuing degree in VFX courses, Students must have cleared their intermediate exams from any stream for placements. However, this job is very flexible and anyone can learn the skills required can do it.

VFX Courses

The first step to becoming a VFX artist is getting a bachelor’s degree in computer graphics, fine arts, or animation. Other computer program related bachelor’s degrees can also be of great value, as coding and program language will only greatly enhance your VFX skills. So, you can firstly finish any of these degrees from a reputable college for better prospects:

VFX Certificate Courses

  • VFX Plus by MAAC
  • VFX in Film Making by Arena Animation 
  • Advanced Program in Visual Effects 

VFX Diploma courses:

  • Diploma in VFX
  • Diploma in 3D Animation and VFX

VFX Degree courses:

  • B.Sc in Animation
  • Bachelor of Arts in Visual Effects 
  • Bachelor of Science in Animation and VFX
  • Bachelor in Visual Effects 
  • Master of Arts in Animation and VFX 

VFX Course Duration

Sl. no. Course Name Type of Programs Duration
1 Certificate in VFX Certificate Program 2 months
2 International Program VFX Certificate Program 2 yrs
3 Professional Program in VFX Certificate Program 1and 1/2 yr
4   Advance Program in VFX Certificate Program 2 yrs 
5 Diploma in VFX Diploma Program 2 yrs  
6 B.Sc in Gaming and VFX UG Programme 3 yrs
7   B.Sc. in 3D Animation and Visual Graphics UG Programme 3 yrs
8 B.Sc. in Animation and VFX UG Programme 3 yrs


It is, however, not a necessity to be a graduate to be a VFX artist. You can directly learn the VFX related skills through an academy.

VFX Course Fees in India

The vfx course fees is determined according to the level of certification and institution in which a student applying for studying any VFX course

The average VFX course fees starts from  INR 50000 per year but it can go up to 2.5 LPA.

VFX Courses Skills Required

Any VFX artist must exhibit an exceptional eye for creativity and artistic aspects along with strong command over VFX and CG software, such as:

  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2. Adobe after effects
  3. The Foundry Nuke X
  4. Apple Final Cut Pro and soundtrack pro
  5. Bojou/Syntheye

VFX Course Syllabus

The subjects  taught to VFX artists differ from college to college, however, there are common ones like 

S.No Syllabus
1 Digital Design
2 3D Design
3 Match Moving & Camera Tracking
4 Basics of Photography
5 Concepts of Set Extension 
6 CG Integration
7   Advance Paint Techniques
8 Animation

VFX Online Courses

Apart from all this academic/ classroom VFX course there are also some best VFX courses online aer available.

The benefit of this VFX Online Course that it offers knowledge of VFX Course online Free and which is also accessible easily to any student sitting at any place.

Apart from this The Other benefit is launch of special VFX Online Course for Beginners  help students to learn better and go forward for adopting any Advanced VFX course like

  • Professional VFX Course
  • Superior VFX Course
  • 3D VFX course
  • Animation and VFX Course
  • Film VFX Course
  • VFX designer Course.

Top Colleges for VFX Course

Here are some of the top colleges in India that offers Top VFX Courses.

VFX Course Scope

Being well versed in VFX skills opens a wide variety of job opportunities such as:

  1. Accessory Designer
  2. Animator
  3. Lighting Artist
  4. Compositor
  5. Texture Artist
  6. Environment Builder
  7. Production Designer
  8. Matte Painter
  9. Modelling Artist
  10. Production Assistant
  11. VFX Director
  12. Render Wrangler
  13. Roto Artist
  14. Weapon Designer
  15. Match move Artist
  16. Rigging Artist
  17. VFX Supervisor
  18. VFX Team Lead

Salary for VFX Artists

It can vary from INR 2.5  to INR  4.5 LPA Salary prospects after a degree course combined with a normal certificate course are better than the salary prospects after any of the courses that are pursued as stand-alone. Candidates with experience can earn INR 10 L or more in this particular field. Usually, the salaries that are offered to candidates who have taken technical profiles are quite more than other jobs. With the increased prospects in India, the salary can be quite lucrative anywhere you apply.

So as you can see, it is a pretty straightforward path to becoming a VFX artist. But there is one disadvantage to it- lack of patience.  VFX work can be very demanding in terms of work durations, and it takes a lot of patience to sit through it and finesse the project. It can be frustrating to work on something for an hour, which is seemingly insignificant for the project, or is under appreciated, but you know that the picture won’t be complete without that element. Such things require a lot of patience and dedication, so you must definitely assess your mental strength before pursuing it. Being uninterested will result in poor output which will fatally affect your career, since such artistic careers depend all upon the portfolio of your previous work. So, being really passionate about VFX work is really significant to working in a job that is so demanding. But once you make up your mind, this field offers a lot more than you could imagine!

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