Unique Institute of Management and Technology, Ghaziabad - Placements and Companies Visited

Placements and Companies visited at Unique Institute of Management and Technology, Ghaziabad

Placement Cell

UIMT has had the highest no. of Placements in India and had the unique distinction of having placed more than 99% of its students over the last ten years and more. Each year, all the major companies come to campus to make presentations and to interview students.All the eligible students who required placements got placed from the campus itself. It has been observed that more than 70% of each class usually accepts offers from companies that recruit on campus. Many students use UIMT resources to conduct networked job searches, targeting smaller companies, entrepreneurial ventures, and not-for-profit organisations.The Institute’s Strategic Management group (SMG) assists eligible students in securing suitable jobs. For this purpose, the office keeps effective contacts with firms all over India, as well as globally maintaining and performing liaison work between possible employers and the Institute’s students.

Students must, however, note that the Institute is a place for serious academic pursuit and not an agency to provide employment. No fee is charged for the service and no binding obligation to find a job for any student is accepted by the Institute.

Students all engaged in internship with different organizations and a stipend is being paid to them. Depending on the recruitment policy of organizations, students are usually absorbed as Junior Executives in appropriate pay scales with allowances if their performance is found satisfactory during the period of Internship.

Job & Career Opportunity

No particular career path is typical for UIMT Students , who can be found in every field, business function, and geographical location. Our Students are currently found in different top companies, as well as in organizations of all sizes. In addition, some of the students prefer and try to create an impact through their own entrepreneurial ventures.

  • Unique Institute of Management and Technology has separate placement cell which organises In-campus interview.

  • 99% of the students have been placed in last 10 years

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