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Parvathy Krishnakumar Parvathy Krishnakumar | Mar 29, 2024
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Parvathy Krishnakumar

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With a global reputation for its academic excellence and terrific placement records, SIBM Pune is considered to be one of the best B-schools in the country. Aspirants are assured they will have a well-rounded academic experience at the institute, and they will have various career opportunities.

GetMyUni's Verdict on SIBM Pune

Part of the reputed group of institutions under the Symbiosis University, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune, is regarded as one of the top private B-schools in the country. It holds a rich legacy and is one of the most respected institutes that are frequently visited by top national and international companies for recruitment.

With diverse academic programs and career possibilities in the management field, students are assured they will experience a holistic learning environment. Apart from its strong emphasis on academic excellence, the institute also provides students with various opportunities to learn more about business concepts, management practices, and leadership skills. 

Being a student-driven institute, it has numerous councils and clubs that organise diverse activities, ensuring students have a wholesome learning experience. It is also praised for its breathtaking infrastructure that comprises all the necessary facilities for both academic and extracurricular activities.

In addition to a solid academic reputation and well-rounded campus experience, the institute also boasts of stellar placement records, with the best recruiters offering numerous coveted roles for both summer internships and full-time opportunities.

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Brilliant Management Programs

SIBM Pune is dedicated to offering postgraduate programs in the Management field, which makes it an ideal choice for students who aspire to pursue a career solely focused on the field. The flagship course offered by SIBM Pune is its full-time residential 2-year Master of Business Administration (MBA) program with specialisations in Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance and Operations Management. 

SIBM Pune Classes

The focused course structure helps students to be equipped with the necessary skills to learn, interpret, understand and apply marketing concepts in the professional world. Through different academic activities organised by the institute with industry collaborations, such as guest lectures, workshops, case studies, seminars and research projects, students are imparted with practical knowledge and application of different concepts.

SIBM Pune is famous for its academic excellence and rigorous curriculum that provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the business and management fields. Apart from the specialisations available in the MBA program, the institute also offers a variety of elective courses that allow students to tailor their education to their career goals and interests.

SIBM Pune Guest Lectures

In addition to the traditional two-year MBA programs, the institute also offers an Executive MBA course designed especially for aspirants who are working professionals and are unable to pursue a regular MBA. This program is dedicated to improving the knowledge and skills to achieve advanced learning. It is also well-respected by the employers. The course curriculum for this particular program is designed to include cutting-edge theoretical understanding and practical training through case studies and real-world examples.

In short, the institute is renowned for cultivating learned professionals who are capable of noteworthy contributions to the business world. Its well-designed curriculum, regularly revised syllabus, and a strong emphasis on industry collaboration ensure students have a well-rounded learning experience and the required skill set to succeed in their careers.

Course Fee Structure

While the institute has attained recognition in the academic business arena, its course fee structure is expensive and may not be affordable to students from different categories and communities. Even though the course fee structure is justified by the rigorous courses and world-class learning environment, its exorbitance makes it difficult for students to access quality education.

SIBM Pune Tech Events

The tuition fees for different courses can be paid in four instalments each semester. Based on the latest course fee structure, the academic fees per semester for regular MBA Indian students is INR 6,05,000, and INR 4,30,000 for the MBA Innovation and Entrepreneurship program. It is INR 1,73,250 for the Executive MBA program. The course fees vary for international students.

In addition to the annual course fees, students are expected to pay a deposit of INR 20,000 for MBA and INR 10,000 for Executive MBA programs at the time of admission, which is refundable. Additionally, they must pay for the hostels and other added expenses, such as hostel fees and mess fees, every year.

Although the course fee structure is expensive, the institute aims to provide students with access to premium education by offering scholarships and other financial assistance based on their academic merit and other criteria. It offers myriad scholarships that can waive a significant amount in tuition fees, making it easier for students.

Attendance Policy

It is popularly known that the institute is not as strict as the other B-schools in terms of academics and other activities. However, it has strict rules and regulations regarding the students’ attendance in different subjects. It mandates students to maintain a minimum attendance of 75% across all subjects and classes to be eligible for appearing in the final examination. 

SIBM Pune Food Stalls

Students who are more than 10 minutes late for classes are also considered absent. Hence, the students should maintain their attendance and attend their courses on or before time to avoid any disciplinary action being taken against them.

Top-Notch Faculty Members

In addition to the well-curated and rigorous course curricula, the institute is said to have achieved its academic reputation because of its highly qualified faculty members who play a significant role in moulding students to achieve their educational and professional goals. 

The institute has a diverse and experienced set of professors with expertise in various domains in the Management field. Their academic qualifications and industry experience contribute immensely to providing a holistic learning environment to the students.

SIBM Pune Professors

As an institute that is primarily focused on providing students with world-class education and possibilities, the professors predominantly use modern teaching methods and include interactive sessions and other forms of activities to ensure students understand even the most challenging concepts more effectively.

Apart from their academic proficiency and engaging classes, the professors are also said to be easy to approach and clarify doubts without hesitation. They support students in learning their subjects in depth and being more innovative in their projects.

SIBM Pune Fests

With an equal blend of theoretical and practical knowledge, the students are encouraged to pursue research projects. Additionally, their strong industry connections help students to learn more about their subjects and gain insights into their career prospects. 

In short, the professors create a conducive environment for students to learn and grow in their academics as well as careers. The friendly approach also makes it possible for students to approach them and be more innovative in their ideas.

Unparalleled Infrastructure

With a picturesque, natural backdrop, the institute boasts a vast infrastructure spread over 300 acres of land with various modern facilities and luxurious amenities. Its cutting-edge infrastructural facilities ensure students have a well-rounded campus life for both academic and extracurricular pursuits.

In addition to the top-tier facilities, the institute is also dedicated to being more mindful of the environment by incorporating sustainability and renewable energy through features like rainwater harvesting, solar panels, etc.

SIBM Pune Classrooms

As interactive learning sessions play a vital role in the institute’s academic structure, the classrooms here are well-designed and equipped with modern audio-visual aids, such as projectors, smartboards, etc. The classroom is spacious enough to accommodate large groups of students, and yet it is designed in such a way that all students have a direct view of the professors. 

With comfortable seating and air-conditioning, the classrooms at the institute are considered to be world-class. Besides the traditional classrooms and lecture halls, the institute also has seminar halls and conference rooms where various academic events are held regularly.

Apart from being a fully Wi-Fi-enabled campus, the institute also has a large, fully air-conditioned computer lab that holds more than 140 computer systems with high-speed internet connectivity for students to access online resources. The computers at the institute are of the latest models with advanced software applications.

SIBM Pune Library

Along with that, the institute has both Bloomberg Lab and Marketing and Behavioural Lab, which are rare in the country and allow students to access accurate and authentic information that enhances their research.

The central library at the institute is considered to be a treasure trove of academic research with numerous books, journals, reports, periodicals and other audio-visual resources. Its cutting-edge software systems make the whole experience of searching for materials and exchanging books seamless.

The library also has adequate seating areas that can accommodate large crowds of students, and its overall ambience allows students to read and learn peacefully. Another enticing fact about the institute’s library is that it is open 24 hours a day, which makes accessing resources more convenient for students.

SIBM Pune Sports Facilities

In addition to the state-of-the-art academic facilities, the institute’s infrastructure also consists of numerous sports facilities, such as a swimming pool, grounds and courts for cricket, football, basketball, badminton and volleyball. It also includes indoor sports facilities, like chess and carrom boards, pool table and many more. 

The institute also has dedicated spaces for other recreational activities, like bicycling, aerobics, yoga, etc. Students also have access to a well-equipped gymnasium to maintain their physical fitness along with rigorous academics.

A notable feature of the institute is its colourful and spacious cafeteria/ canteen, where a variety of food and beverages are available at reasonable prices. With ample seating areas, the cafeteria is a prime location for students to hang out and spend time with their peers. Needless to say, the food served caters to diverse interests and is well-maintained in terms of general cleanliness and hygiene.

SIBM Pune Indoor Sports Facilities

Overall, the institute has a marvellous campus infrastructure with more than sufficient facilities and amenities, ensuring students have a wholesome environment. The general cleanliness and maintenance of the institute’s campus are noteworthy, offering students a global learning experience.

Luxurious Housing Facilities

The institute has ample on-campus housing facilities to accommodate students pursuing all the residential programs. The hostels are located close to the academic facilities and dining halls, which makes them convenient for the students. There are separate hostels for boys and girls. Hostel rooms are available in different occupancy types. Basic amenities like shared bathrooms, recreational areas, water coolers, laundry facilities, etc., are provided in each hostel.

Every room has separate beds, tables, chairs and cupboards for each individual student. The rooms are allotted on a first-come-first-served basis, and therefore, students are advised to register for the on-campus accommodation at the time of admission. Also, they can choose the room type based on their preference and budget.

SIBM Pune Hostels

Apart from the luxurious facilities provided, the institute is highly praised for its attention to keeping the hostel premises clean and hygienic, offering students a top-tier living experience. Timely meals are served in the common dining hall through the mess facilities. The food served is of good quality and is prepared hygienically. Students also have access to the cafeteria, where they can get different kinds of food and beverages.

The safety and security of the students are ensured by security guards placed at all the entrances and exits of the campus. Even though there are no strict rules and regulations, students are expected to maintain a basic decorum within the hostel premises and keep their rooms clean.

SIBM Pune Hostel Premises

According to the fee structure released in recent years, the hostel fee per semester for MBA students is INR 65,000, with an additional mess fee of INR 47,250. Students must note that hostel and mess fees are increased by 10% every year, which will be communicated to them before the commencement of the subsequent academic year. Students at the time of registration are also required to pay the hostel deposit of INR 15,000, which will be refunded at the end of their tenure.

Despite the fact that there is on-campus accommodation, some students prefer to stay outside the institute for more liberal living. For such students, there are myriad options, such as private hostels, PGs and apartments, available at varying prices. The rents at these private housing facilities vary depending on the room type, occupancy and amenities provided.

SIBM Pune Canteen

Typically, the monthly rents at the PGs located within a close radius of the institute campus fall between INR 4000 and INR 20,000.

Enriching Student Life

The institute is exceptionally student-driven, with all the activities related to academics, placements, cultural and sports fests, etc., handled by the student council selected and elected by the students themselves. With a plethora of opportunities to nurture and nourish different skills and talents, the institute offers a holistic learning environment with each student given the chance to reach their full potential.

SIBM Pune Extracurricular Activities

The student council organises various academic events and activities, such as guest lectures, workshops, research initiatives, IT fests, seminars and many more where reputed personalities who are industry leaders are invited to interact with the students and pass on valuable insights on their career prospects. Such programs help students not only to learn more about their possibilities but also to build connections within the industry.

Along with the academic events, the student council is also responsible for conducting the annual fests for cultural, sports and social service activities, where students have the platform to showcase their talents and innovative ideas. It also conducts sports tournaments and competitions where students are encouraged to participate.

SIBM Pune Cultural Events

Moreover, the serene campus offers students the opportunity to rejuvenate themselves and indulge in various activities to refresh their minds and cope with the highly challenging course curriculum.

Diversity on Campus

Being one of the premier business schools in the country, students from various regions constitute the student body here. The student population is made up of aspirants from all walks of life who are welcomed regardless of their background. It also has a balanced gender ratio with an equal number of students from all genders.

SIBM Pune Social Service Events

However, the highly exorbitant course fee structure makes it less accessible for students who belong to underprivileged backgrounds. To ensure deserving students from such communities can pursue their higher education in one of the top institutes, SIBM Pune offers numerous scholarships. 

Furthermore, both the students and professors are accepting of students from all communities, and the institute is dedicated to creating an all-inclusive environment by offering equal opportunities to all students.

Dress Code

Although there is a defined uniform for the students at the institute, they are only required to wear the uniform on special occasions as per instructions from the authorities. Apart from this, there is a specific dress code for certain days of the week. As per the university’s dress code, students are required to wear western formals from Monday to Wednesday and smart casuals on the other days.

SIBM Pune Uniform

Outstanding Placement Records

SIBM Pune is renowned for its excellent placement records, and all its students receive impressive job opportunities from reputed national and international companies. According to students’ reviews on online platforms, the only reason why a student does not get a placement offer is when they opt out of the recruitment process. The institute has maintained a 100% placement rate throughout the years. 

Owing to its long-standing reputation, the institute has frequent recruiters who visit the campus for placement drives every year. It also has witnessed an increase in the number of recruiters regularly. Students are offered job opportunities across various sectors, like automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, consulting, IT/ e-commerce, and many more.

SIBM Pune Students

Based on the statistics of previous years, the most successful placement offers have been received by MBA graduates with Finance as their specialisation, followed by Human Resources, Marketing and Operations. According to last year’s placement record, the highest salary package offered to the students was INR 35.05 LPA, the average package was INR 26.77 LPA, and the median CTC was INR 24 LPA. As mentioned earlier, the institute has several recruiters across various sectors who frequently visit the institute and offer stellar placements to the students.

Final Verdict on SIBM Pune

It can be concluded that Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Pune, is an ideal institute for students who aspire to get a good head start in the Management field. Its solid academic excellence, top-notch faculty members, world-class infrastructure and impressive placement records are highly appreciated by its students.

Students are assured of a comprehensive learning experience with a plethora of opportunities to develop academically, professionally, and personally. The institute’s successful alumni members, who have flourished in numerous fields, are examples of how it can assist aspiring students to achieve their academic and professional goals. However, it is up to the students to utilise the available resources and facilities to build their careers.

Finally, aspirants are advised to connect with the current and former students of the institute to learn more about the academic and career possibilities available in their desired specialisation. Some of the pros and cons of the institute are listed below for a better understanding.

Pros Cons
Highly reputed for quality education in the Management field Costly course fees
Top-tier faculty members Less strict academic environment compared to other B-schools
State-of-the-art infrastructural facilities Limited access to students from underprivileged backgrounds.
Strong alumni network  
Amazing placement records  

*Source: Symbiosis Institute of Business Management - SIBM, Pune Facebook and

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