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Parvathy Krishnakumar Parvathy Krishnakumar | Feb 21, 2024
Parvathy Krishnakumar
Parvathy Krishnakumar

Updated on - Feb 21, 2024

Regarded as one of the best universities in the state, Sarguja University offers numerous affordable courses across different disciplines. Yet, its poorly maintained infrastructure and inconsistent placement records make students question their choice.

GetMyUni's Verdict on Sarguja University

With a sound management system and decent placement track record, Sant Gahira Guru Vishwavidyalaya, Sarguja (Sarguja University), is regarded as one of the top universities in the state since its inception in 2008. It is a non-profit public university located in the rural area of Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh. 

The university’s former students highly recommend it for its experienced faculty members and the wide range of courses offered. Apart from some administrative issues, like the delayed exam result declaration, irregular class schedules, etc., the university has a remarkable management system, well-maintained with great attention. 

The university is famous for its properly structured course curricula and decent placement opportunities available across different disciplines. Along with that, the university has a well-facilitated infrastructure that comprises the necessary facilities and amenities catering to the academic and extracurricular needs of the students. Overall, it is a good university for those aspiring to pursue quality education at nominal fees.

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Multidisciplinary Courses

The university has multiple departments across different disciplines, with courses that are well-structured, and the syllabus is followed religiously. It primarily offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral courses in Legal Studies, Computer Science, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Functional Hindi, Environmental Science and Farm Forestry. Along with that, the university also offers diploma and certificate programs in some of these disciplines. 

The course curriculum and syllabus for all programs are regularly revised to add the relevant concepts and topics to match the industry standards. Some of the highly recommended courses at the university are as follows.

  • BA in English
  • B.Sc in Computer Science
  • B.Com in Accounting and Finance
  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)
  • MA in Hindi
  • M.Sc in Mathematics
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Law (LLM)
  • Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharm)
  • Diploma in Engineering (DE)
  • Diploma in Education (D.Ed)
  • Certificate in Computer Application/ Tourism Management/ English Language Teaching.

Affordable Course Fees

One of the major factors that attract students to join the university is its highly nominal course fee structure, which is affordable to students from all walks of life. The course fees vary depending on the program type, specialisation and course duration. However, it is still lower than that of private universities in the country.

Sarguja University

Typically, the annual course fees for the popular courses offered by the university, such as LLM, MA, M.Pharm, and M.Sc courses, range between INR 4568 and INR 34,343. The course fees are different for those pursuing undergraduate, diploma and certificate courses as the duration is based on the duration and specialisation.

In addition to the nominal course fee structure, the university also offers several scholarships to enable students from underrepresented categories to gain admission and pursue higher studies in a reputed university.

Attendance Policy

The attendance requirement is different for each course. According to the online reports, students are expected to maintain the minimum attendance prescribed for their course program to be eligible to appear in the final examination.

Qualified Faculty Members

The teachers at the university are adequately trained and educated to provide quality education to aspiring students. They are highly knowledgeable in their respective fields and dedicated to imparting relevant training and information to the students. The faculty members at the university encourage and motivate the students to learn different concepts and be more innovative in their fields. 

Sarguja University Professors

The course curricula are curated by the professors at the university based on the relevant developments in the respective industries. This ensures that the graduating students are well-prepared for the professional world. The professors are known to employ innovative teaching methods to make their classes more interactive and fruitful. 

In addition to being knowledgeable and experienced, the professors are also praised for their supportive and helpful nature, which makes them more approachable to the students. They are always ready to assist students with their doubts and are open to discussion. 

Sarguja University Professors

However, according to students’ reviews on online platforms, the quality of professors is inconsistent across different disciplines, with some being more experienced and engaging than others. Students are advised to connect with past students to learn more about the quality of professors in their desired departments.

Outdated Infrastructure

The university has a sufficiently facilitated infrastructure that consists of all the necessary facilities and amenities catering to the academic needs of its students. Situated in a serene location, the university campus is said to hold a conducive learning environment. It has separate academic buildings for each department with different facilities. However, some areas on the campus require immediate improvement and renovation. 

The academic infrastructure at the university is adequately facilitated, with spacious classrooms and lecture halls. The classrooms are well-equipped with audio-visual aids, like projectors, whiteboards, etc. However, based on students’ reviews on online forums, some of the classrooms at the university lack proper lighting, making it dim and challenging for students. 

Sarguja University Classroom

Each relevant department has different laboratories, which consist of the necessary equipment and instruments to enable proper practical learning. Yet, some of the departmental laboratories lack modern facilities and equipment, which restricts students from performing cutting-edge research and practical experiments. In addition to that, students can access the laboratories only during their designated practical sessions.

The university’s library houses extensive resources for different subjects and research purposes. The library has a good collection of printed and electronic resources, which can be accessed with the assistance of the librarian and the other staff members present in the library. Additionally, the library has a limited number of online databases which can be accessed using the computer systems provided. Overall, the library has a quiet atmosphere where students can read and study peacefully.

Sarguja University Laboratories

The university has a good sports infrastructure, which consists of various facilities for indoor and outdoor sports activities. It consists of different courts and fields for basketball, football, badminton, and other sports. Students have mentioned that some of these facilities are poorly maintained and require proper upkeep.

The cafeteria at the university is known to serve basic food and beverages at nominal prices. Though the basic hygiene and cleanliness are maintained, the cafeteria is also in need of improvement.

Overall, even though the university’s infrastructure is adequately facilitated, it ostensibly requires essential maintenance in some areas, particularly the classrooms, and improvement in libraries and laboratories. 

Average Hostels

The students’ reviews of the housing facilities are mixed, with some more satisfied with the amenities and the general maintenance than others. The university offers separate hostels for boys and girls and is available for students from all courses. The rooms at the hostels consist of basic amenities such as beds, tables, chairs, and cupboards, and the hostels consist of recreational facilities. 

Online reviews of students state that there have been concerns raised about the cleanliness in the hostels, which includes pest issues and sanitation. The rooms available at the hostel are mostly shared occupancy, with shared bathrooms. Some rooms lack proper ventilation and have inadequate maintenance. The water and electricity supply is also mentioned to be disrupted occasionally. 

Sarguja University Academic Event

Though timely meals are served through the mess facilities within the hostels, the quality of food is unsatisfactory, and there are limited varieties in the dishes. The general issue of poor maintenance in cleanliness and hygiene is also reflected in the mess and dining facilities.

Nonetheless, the safety and security of students are assured by the 24/7 security guards placed at different corners of the hostel premises. Additionally, the hostels have strict rules and regulations regarding curfew timings and guest visiting, which may be restrictive to some students.

In any case, the hostels at the university offer affordable and convenient facilities. As the hostels are located within the university campus, it is easier for students to access the infrastructure facilities. 

Sarguja University Competitions

Additionally, students can opt for off-campus housing facilities available in the private hostels and PGs located within close proximity of the university. The monthly rents for these facilities vary based on the luxuries and facilities provided. 

Dull Campus Life

The university is said to lack a vibrant campus life as limited extracurricular activities and events are happening throughout the year. Students have mentioned on online forums that they find it difficult to make friends or connect with other students due to the lack of opportunities outside of academics. There are little to no events organised by the university, and most of the events that are conducted are related to academics. 

Nevertheless, the university has a comparatively engaging sports environment where students are encouraged to participate in various sports tournaments and competitions. These competitions are mostly held between departments, which offers students a platform to showcase their talents and skills. The university, however, organises occasional social events and industry visits, which are highly appreciated by the students. 

Sarguja University Social Event

Diversity on Campus

The student body at the university is mainly constituted of students from the state, which limits the regional diversity. However, students from different backgrounds are part of the university, reflecting the regional population demographics. 

Sarguja University Cultural Event

As the course fee structure is affordable and there are several scholarships available, students from different socioeconomic backgrounds are also part of the university’s student population. Due to the lack of proper data, the gender ratio at the university is unclear.

Dress Code

The university does not have a defined uniform implementation. However, students are mandated to follow a proper dress code by wearing decent and modest clothing appropriate for the academic setting. They are refrained from wearing offensive, revealing and distressed clothing. Students must wear formal attire for educational and official events and follow the specific guidelines for laboratories. 

Inconsistent Placements

Similar to the quality of academics, the placement opportunities available to students are inconsistent across different disciplines. Some departments have better placement records than others. Students have mentioned that the placement opportunities available in the fields of education, research, and government are more successful than in other sectors. A large group of students acquire job placements in different departments of the government sector.

Sarguja University Conference

Based on the previous year’s records, around 75% of the graduates managed to obtain placements at reputed companies. The highest salary package offered to the students was INR 8 LPA, and the average package was INR 5 LPA.

Overall Impression on Sarguja University

In general, Sarguja University is just an average academic institution that offers decent education and mediocre placement opportunities. The lack of modern infrastructure, fruitful job opportunities and the absence of a vibrant campus life makes it a less attractive university. However, the availability of various programs at an affordable fee structure makes it more accessible to students from underrepresented communities. 

Students are advised to connect with current and former students to learn more about the course curriculum, faculty members and career prospects of their desired programs. Go through the pros and cons listed below to get a basic idea about the university.

Pros Cons
Well-structured course curriculum Poorly maintained laboratories and hostel facilities
Affordable fee structure Inconsistent quality of professors
Decent infrastructure Absence of a vibrant campus life
Serene and peaceful campus environment Limited placement opportunities.

*Source: Sant Gahira Guru University, Sarguja Ambikapur C.G. Facebook &