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Sun International Institute for Tourism and Management, [SIITM] Visakhapatnam Infrastructure Details

Infrastructure Facilities at Sun International Institute of Tourism and Management, [SIITAM] Visakhapatnam:

Class Rooms:

  • All the classrooms of SIITM are air-conditioned with latest classroom furniture with latest equipment i.e. OHP, LCD Projectors.
  • Classrooms are Equipped with Wi-Fi Technology.
  • The Rooms are well furnished with all the Teaching aids and methods that would enable the students to grasp and analyze better.


  • The library is having a good collection of books generally required for management and hospitality professionals.
  • Most of the academic books will be provided by the college to the students however only reference books will be available in the library.
  • A very well stocked library which comprises of all Management Books and pertaining to the syllabus and additional information books.
  • Newspapers also are well stocked from general dailies to Business News of the best Newspapers available.

Computer Lab:

  • The Computer Lab is well equipped with the latest systems in which advanced software is loaded.
  • Students can make use of the opportunity to update themselves with the current trend in the industry.
  • The students are divided into batches and are allotted individual time to work on the computer.
  • It is a Lab, which houses many Computers that each student has an access to an individual computer.
  • Presentations, browsing, chatting, learning all form a big part of Students life takes place here.

Hostel Facilities:

  • Students who come from outstation are provided hostel facilities at a very nominal cost.
  • There are different hostels for girls and boys.
  • The Hostel warden is responsible for the student’s safety health food and hygiene.
  • There are mentors who are coordinating with the warden about the well-being of each student.
  • Late nights and getting into fights is dealt severely by the College students are expelled or strict action is taken against them.
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Basic Kitchen:

  • The freshers are given an in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • In the basic training kitchen, the first year students learn the basic culinary art and gear up for further challenges, which they have to face in this field.
  • Continental Cuisines are practiced by the students and thus they get to learn international cooking traits and art.
  • These Kitchens have huge burners, ovens and refrigerators with complete Kitchen setup to give the students of a feel of Kitchens of Hotels where tomorrow they future will take them.

Seminar Hall:

  • The most loved spot of Students as here they have loads of fun on any occasion it is a huge hall, which can easily house a hundred students.
  • Guest Lectures, Friday Seminars, Director addressing students, Assembly, Events, Functions all are celebrated here in grandeur, style, and opulence.
  • A huge podium, mikes, conference table, projector, music system all are well furnished to meet the requirements of a ‘corporate Event’ or a ‘Social Celebration’.

Dining Area:

  • A beautifully furnished with a touch of ethnic and modern has gone in to give the dining area a warmth and ambience of a hotel.
  • This area is used as a training area for students of Hotel Management in ‘Service and Beverage’ with the help of a well-stocked bar to just teach the students the know-how of different Liqueur available and knowledge necessary for this Industry.
  • Well-trained ‘man-servants’ (ayahs and watchmen) are there to help keep the place clean and beautiful at all times and assist the staff and students.

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