St Mary's College, [SMC] Wayanad - Hostels and Facilities

St Mary's College, [SMC] Wayanad Infrastructure Details

Facilities :- Library 

College maintains a well established Library with separate provisions for Post Graduate students.

Hostel Accommodation
  1. There are 3 hostels functioning in the campus.
  2. Girls Hostels (Degree)
  3. Girls Hostels (P.G)
  4. Boys Hostel (All Classes) 
  5. The girls hostels are managed by Nuns and the boys hostel by teachers.
  6. Hostel accommodation is provided both for deserving boys and girls.
  7. Students shall live with their parents or guardian or in the college hostels or in the lodges approved by the principal.
  8. Women students are permitted to reside only with their parents or in the college hostel
  9. Students should submit to the college office full information regarding their residence. Any change in residence may be made only with the approval of the principal.

Physical Education

The department is placed in charge of the lectures in Physical Education. Provision is made for athletics, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Hockey, Badminton, Tennis, Kho-kho etc. Annual College Sports & Intramural Tournaments will be conducted on "House" basis. The House which secures the highest number of points will be awarded the intramural championship trophy.

Language Laboratory (Under Preparation)

Modern Audio-text-graphic modes and a range of hi-tech equipments for language learning.
Software to enhance language learning skills.
Learner Centered Teaching
Learner Centered teaching, learning environment.
Continuous Internal evaluation system. Twenty percentage marks awarded for internal assessment on the basis of attendance class, tests, seminar participation project work etc.
PG course retructured in semester pattern. There will be four semesters in the entire course with two semesters in each year.
Add on courses, and value addition course to enchance employability.
Leadership Academy and training to impart life skills and positive social behaviour.
Placement cell with the objective of placing the student on the right career path and to increase employability. On campus and off campus recruitment drives are conducted through the year.


The college provides facilities for N.C.C training both for men and womens. It is purely voluntary. Cadets are selected at the beginning of the academic year by the N.C.C. Officers in consultation with the principal. Members of corps willbe subjected to the rules and regulations of N.C.C

National Service Scheme

Under the supervision of the University of Calicut, 3 units of the National Service Scheme are functioning in this college with M/s Mr.Shajan Mathew, Joy V. Paul, C.M. James as the programme officers. These units would consist of 300 students volunteers. They will be properly educated & trained for social work.

IGNOU Study Centre

A study centre of Indira Gandhi National Open University is functioning in the college campus offering access to high quality education irrespective of age, religion or qualification.

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