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A Library is the repository of the wisdom of great thinkers, philosophers, scientists and writers of the past and present. Our college library has shaped the carriers of thousands of students. The college library is spacious, well equipped and maintained providing excellent reading facilities to students and staff. The library offers safe, comfortable, well-lit, clean space with adequate seating arrangement for about 50 readers, ensuring effective use of library resources. The building provided enough space for book stacks. All the books are classified and catalogued. Cataloguing has been computerized. There is a separate "New Arrival" corner in the library. Book Bank facility is also provided to economically backward students for the whole academic session. The college library is computerized with e-library facilities. College has owned membership of British Library. More than 70,000 On-line books are available in college library. College has Well equipped and maintained ICT roomwith 50 computers, printers, scanners gives students both apparatus and environment, by which they can understand subject more deeply. There is a provision of broadband Internet connections along with networking of all the systems through LAN. The students are encouraged to make maximum use of internet during college hours. Student also got the facility of wi-fi during college hours.A sound mind lives in the sound body. The college provides medical facilities and First Aid Workshops for staff & students College canteen offers different kind of snacks and eatables which are prepared under hygienic conditions. These eatables are provided at very reasonable rate to students. 

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