GetMyUni's Verdict on Sister Nivedita University

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Pratiki Patra Pratiki Patra | Feb 16, 2024
Pratiki Patra
Pratiki Patra

Updated on - Feb 16, 2024

Sister Nivedita University, even though new, has put on a stronghold in offering some of the offbeat and emerging courses. Despite such efforts, it still needs to focus on its placement scenario.

GetMyUni's Verdict on Sister Nivedita University

It's only been 7 years since the establishment of Sister Nivedita University. In these seven years, the university has made appreciable progress that has grabbed the attention of the students. Situated in Kolkata, the university, from the beginning, has strived to incorporate the newest technologies, equipment, furniture, etc. 

Students can be seen full of praise for the university on various online platforms. The key factors that the students have been deeply content about Sister Nivedita University are its polite faculty members and well-maintained facilities.

Having said so, no university is flawless. Likewise, SNU has its own drawbacks. One such worrisome aspect is the expensive course fees. Despite offering the emerging courses, its exceptionally high fees still do not justify the same. This is coupled with an unstable placement record. Such factors need the immediate attention of the management and are worked upon to make it more agreeable and in tune with other reputed universities.

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Newest Emerging Courses

Sister Nivedita University has taken the offbeat path and has introduced the newest courses. Courses like Critical Care Technology, General Nursing, and Midwifery are some of the courses that have been steadily gaining popularity. Such courses are the need of the hour. SNU has followed all the guidelines provided by the UGC and also includes the latest topics in the subjects. Due to such measures, students get the optimum knowledge in their courses. 

SNU Campus

SNU equally focuses on the theoretical and practical parts of the courses. The additional resources to study are also provided on time by the faculty members, thus providing an extra breadth of knowledge. In addition to this, the exams are conducted in a timely manner. The exams are moderately difficult. Therefore, a greater number of students are able to pass the semester examinations. Overall, the courses and the subject matter taught add great value to the students and their career prospects.

Expensive Course Fees

Sister Nivedita University, being privately operated, has set high course fees for the students. In spite of the fact that the courses offered are some of the most sought-after with a detailed and updated curriculum, many students find it difficult to pay the fees. To present a better picture of the course fees, a B.Sc in Agriculture will cost INR 4,00,000, while a B.Arch costs around INR 7,00,000.

Similarly, completing a B.Com degree course will range between INR 2,26,000 to INR 4,14,680. An MBA degree will cost between INR 5,00,000 to INT 6,00,000, while B.Tech will cost 7,50,000. Considering this, such steep fees cannot indeed be afforded by many students. The university, to help lessen the burden of the expenses, provides scholarships, although it's limited.

Polite and Knowledgeable Faculties

The faculties at SNU are experts in their fields. Not only are they highly qualified, but they are also very supportive of the student's academic goals. Students do not hesitate to approach the faculties to clear any doubts due to their warm and friendly nature.

The professors employ creative teaching techniques to make the lectures engrossing and retain the student's attention. They are also prompt in providing additional critical reading resources. Furthermore, the teacher-student ratio in class is better than many other private universities. Thus it facilitates the professors to focus on individual students.

As much as the above experience is true for the experienced faculties, SNU also recruits young faculty members with less experience. Students have reported on various online forums that young professors tend to lack the willingness to help the students. As a result, many unresolved queries persist throughout the course. 

Latest Infrastructural Facilities

Sister Nivedita University, being new, has naturally installed the most recent and improved infrastructural facilities. Students have been greatly satisfied with the various facilities provided by the university. The classrooms are big enough to accommodate all the students comfortably.

The classrooms are equipped with projectors, whiteboards, etc. Although, there is yet to be any air-conditioning system installed in the classrooms. In summer, rising temperatures create an uncomfortable environment for the students to study in such heat waves inside the classrooms. 

The laboratories for the required departments are well-equipped and well-maintained as well. However, for a few laboratories, the equipment needs upgrading as newer topics and practices are incorporated into the syllabus. The campus has a strong internet connection, especially inside the resource centre. 

SNU Campus Premise

The library at Sister Nivedita University is one of the prominent features of the university. It holds a vast collection of books, periodicals, journals, newspapers, magazines, etc. in a variety of genres. Students are actively encouraged to spend time in the library and read various books, starting from their academics to other diverse subjects.

Although limited, SNU has a sports complex in good condition. Additionally, the campus has a canteen, transport facilities, and medical facilities for first aid. Furthermore, the campus perimeter has a good security system that makes it a safe and secure environment for everyone.

Agreeable Hostel Facilities

SNU offers hostel facilities for both boys and girls. The hostel rooms are available on a double and triple-sharing basis. Each room has the facility of a cot, wardrobe, study table, chair, and many more. The hostel premises are kept clean and hygienic and provide better facilities than many other private university hostels. The rooms are also spacious and well-ventilated. 

In terms of facilities, other than being furnished, there is a dedicated WiFi connection and other small recreational facilities. The hostel has a reliable mess facility offering nutritious and timely meals with a lot of variety. As per the student’s organic reviews, the quality of food is well maintained throughout their stay at the hostel. In case any student wants to reduce the cost of the hostel accommodation and meals, they can also opt for various paying guest options available in the vicinity of the college at reasonable prices.

Unstable Placement Rate

While few of the top recruiters visit the campus for the recruitment process, its placement rate remains unstable. The placement rate can vary anywhere from 50% to 85%. Considering this, students are often left in uncertainty about securing jobs. Some placement trainings are conducted for the students to ace their interviews, group discussions, and other tests carried out by the companies.

The salaries offered by the companies are decent. The average compensation provided by the companies ranges between INR 4 to INR 6 LPA. Given that SNU has been in the business very recently, the placement record, though not commendable, is surely decent enough to date. However, there is still room for improvement in terms of stabilising and increasing the placement record and appraising many other top companies to visit the campus for placement.

Uneventful Campus Life

Apart from the regular classes and sports activities, not many events are celebrated throughout the year at Sister Nivedita University. Students have often lamented on various online portals about the absence of a “Fresher’s Party” or a welcome event for the newly inducted students. The lack of cultural events can often lead the students to feel bored, as in such events, students actively participate in organising them. 

SNU Cultural Program

Rules, Regulations, and Dress Code

The SNU administration is strict about a few of the rules and regulations to be followed inside the campus. Furthermore, because of its strict implementation of anti-ragging policies, the campus does not witness any unwarranted acts amongst the student populace. In line with the rules, students also have to maintain a compulsory 75% attendance in all subjects. Falling short of the attendance criteria may result in strict actions against the students. 

Sister Nivedita University’s management dictates its students to wear uniforms and identity cards compulsorily. The uniform consists of pants, ties, shirts, and coats. Though the coats can be avoided in the summer. The uniform is the same for all genders and must be adhered to.

While the college puts much effort into making campus life more enriching, it has somehow lagged behind in ensuring the same for diversity. Majorly students from the state of West Bengal take admission at SNU. Hence, not much of a diverse culture can be seen among the students.

SNU Students

Similarly, due to its high course fees, students from financially marginalised backgrounds cannot afford to take admission. That also reduced the diversity of the students. However, the silver lining among the diversity can be noticed in terms of the male-to-female ratio. Though the ratio is not ideal, it is better than its counterparts. 

Is Sister Nivedita University Worth it?

Sister Nivedita University can still be said to be in the nascent stage. However, it has tremendously focussed on growing and providing the best to its capabilities. It surely has incorporated the latest infrastructure to help aid the students academically. Moreover, it has taken the challenge of introducing the up-and-emerging course head fast.

Thereby ensuring that the students are in demand in the industry once they graduate. This course’s benefits are enhanced only by its experienced and friendly faculty, who are dedicated to imparting the best of the knowledge to the students.

In spite of the above-mentioned appreciable aspects, SNU has a few stumbling blocks to overcome. Starting with the placement rate, the management needs to immediately draw its attention towards the fluctuating placement rate and stabilise it. Moreover, it also needs to increase the number of companies visiting the campus.

On the other hand, it also needs to make campus life far more interesting by organising various activities and cultural events so as to make the students feel involved and invested in the academic campus life. Nonetheless, Despite its few pitfalls, it makes for a good university for students who are pivoting to a holistic academic life.

Without further ado, here is a look into the pros and cons of Sister Nivedita University:



Good Education

Expensive Course Fees

New and Emerging Courses being Offered

Fluctuating Placement Record

Polite and Experienced Faculties

Uneventful Campus Life

Latest Infrastructure

Strict Rules and Regulations

Cosy Hostel Facilities

Uniform System

*Source: and SisterNiveditaUniversity Facebook

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