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Infratructure & Facilities

Expert Faculty

PCCS has the honour of having the best of the kind, unmatched industry trained faculty. Our faculty members are highly dedicated and talented and hail from some of the best institutions in India and abroad. They are not only professionally and academically the best of the kind; but are high on ethical and moral standards which makes them true role models for their students. The faculty comes from varied backgrounds like industry, academics, research, defence, banks etc so that students have many people of various backgrounds to look up to. They are also given proper training to make them learn the latest and best teaching methodologies used in the world which shall naturally reflect in the teachings which they impart to our students. The faculty provides valuable insights into the working of an organization - something that is hard to find in any of the textbook. Our faculty members are our true assets.

Smart Classroom

The classrooms at PCCS are very spacious and well-equipped with all the modern technology equipments which aid learning of our students. They have been designed in a manner which makes interaction of the students and faculty members easy and effective. Also, the state-of-the-art lecture theaters serve as an interface to the students, faculty members as well as our esteemed guests who come for seminars, symposia, conferences and various other events. The auditoriums have excellent acoustics and other facilities.


The state-of-the-art library serves as a nerve centre of the information for students and faculty members. Library is meant to help academic community to keep abreast with the latest development in their area of activities and to provide information support for research and consultancy. Also, for students, library is a source to get information support for their course curriculum as well as for their self-development. PCCS has a well-stocked and full-automated library equipped with latest books and journals on business management and information technology related area.


Online Presence

A special training for students to teach them how to make the best use of their Online presence is given. Students are counseled to refine and pare down their image on the internet and social media. This training helps students in a great way well beyond the college boundaries. After passing from their respective courses, when students become job-seekers, anything that they post on the net becomes a subject of their scrutiny and could be discovered by their colleagues and future employers. Students are encouraged to make great use of social media tools to help them reap maximum benefits of each other. Faculty members are also asked to have effective communication with students and to keep a check on the students so that their online presence is enhanced and put to proper use.

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