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Updated On - Mar 14, 2022

Prestige Institute of Management Dewas Facilities


The institute has technology-enabled classrooms where you can record lectures and presentations, do video conferencing and webcasts as well as rich media capture of presentations. Students of PIMD are being exposed to a high-tech learning environment with smart classrooms, Wi-Fi connectivity and network connectivity. The smart classrooms are equipped with LCD projectors, video-conferencing facilities, e-podiums with lights and visualises.


  • The Institute has a well-equipped library with more than 4000 books and reports on various subjects.
  • The Institute subscribes to 47 management and computer journals and 14 magazines.
  • Apart from journals and magazines, 14 national and state-level Newspapers and economic dailies are also subscribed.
  • PIMD is a member of the British Library too, which provides access to additional Journals, periodicals and books to the Institute.
  • It is also subscribed for the online journal access facility of the EBSCO host.

Computer Lab

  • The labs provide the latest computer infrastructure to meet the current and emerging needs of students.
  • The computers in the lab are connected through Local Area Network (LAN) with Pentium Server.
  • Each computer is well equipped with various applications namely office automation applications, database management applications, Graphics and Multimedia Applications, Programming languages, client-server applications.
  • The operating platforms being used are Unix, Windows 98, Windows 2000 server, Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP.
  • It is well equipped with 180 terminals, which includes Pentium IV, Pentium III and Celeron processors.
  • Apart from the requirements of the curriculum, PIMD also has two leased lines connection of 2Mbps internet facility to facilitate the students, faculty and management for better networking and skills enhancement.
  • It also has 12 broadband connections for University Networking.
  • The campus has Wi-fi connectivity which provides internet access points, the students are able to browse subject-related texts on their laptops while snacking on a sandwich or sipping juice near the canteen.

Other Facilities Offered

  • All classrooms are equipped with LCD projectors.
  • Fully air-conditioned convention hall with a seating capacity of more than 200+ students.
  • Library reference section with 50 students seating capacity.
  • Online journal resources with 26000 journals (EBSCOhost) & 16000 journals through Proquest.
  • Subscription of National & International journals.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Sports Facilities: Basketball, Cricket, Volleyball, Kho-Kho etc.
  • Language lab for refining English Communication.
  • 2 Computer labs with more than 150 PCs with the latest configuration and TFT monitors.
  • Excellent internet facilities through 16 MBPS Leased Line and Reliance Jio Internet Services with 25 MBPS Broadband Connection.
  • Online UPS and generator facilities for continuous power supply.
  • Excellent Canteen Facility at very reasonable charges.