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 In-depth theoretical and hands -on training is given to the students by an eminent expert in the following areas to enable them to tackle any medical emergency: Basic Anatomy, First Aid, Burn Injuries, Study of Disinfections, Stretcher Drill, Paramedical Care (Animal Bites, Injuries, Wounds, Fractures, Unconsciousness etc.), Role of Fire Officers in Nuclear, Chemical & Biological Disasters, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Training. The students also visit the hospitals under the supervision of the chief Medical Officer of the college.




This Laboratory consists of qualified laboratory personnel. With the aid of latest instrument and equipment, the competent staff can exhibit the chemical action and counter-reaction of various fire prevention measures to be adopted in the presence of different hazardous chemicals and electrical equipment, are also exhibited in this laboratory.


The B.E. (fire) students of the college also perform various experiments related to Fire prevention and Fire Protection in which they study Chemical Extinguishers, Foam Compounds and Dry-Powders and their testing as per the existing Indian Standard Specifications.



 It houses thousand of books and continues to grow dynamically with the latest updates. Besides technical books, it contains\s national and international journals from many organizations, research papers and project reports.


In NFSC library about 10,000 technical and other allied books are available, most of these are on Fire Safety Engineering. The College also subscribes to a large number of journals and magazines relating to fire engineering and its current trends and latest developmental activates from countries like USA and UK also from many premier institutions like NFPA, IFE, BIS and LPA from India so that the trainees' knowledge is updated and they are made aware of the latest developments in the field of Fire Service world over.

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