MES Asmabi College, [MESAC] Thrissur - Placements and Companies Visited

Placements and Companies visited at MES Asmabi College, [MESAC] Thrissur

Career Guidance and Placement Cell :-

M.E.S Asmabi college Career guidance and Placement cell is a UGC aided institutional arrangement in the campus primarily motivated to empower the student community in terms of providing training and securing part time and full time jobs and information on various institutes for higher education. The cell disseminate information regarding the availability of jobs and courses through brochures periodically received from various companies and organizations. It is an organized effort to set students in touch with reputed employers and also to train them in the writing of Resumes and to acquint them with the selection process of corporates. Cell conducts periodically training programmes in soft skills for the deserving students.

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