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Diploma in Education [D.Ed], batch of 2019

No hostel in college. No PG Food. quality is so good. All overbuilding in perfect yes wi-fi is available.

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LCRT College of Education, Panipat Infrastructure Details

Infrastructure :-

The Campus

The college is about 4 km's from Panipat on Gohana Road. The lush green outlets provide a pollution-free environment of learning. The present building provides the requisite space for Classrooms, Conference Hall, Lecture Halls, Library, Laboratories and Instructions Base.

Library & Reference Section

Students are encouraged to use library for the development of reading habits, which is well equipped with books, periodicals, magazines, CD ROMs and Multimedia materials, Computer labs with PC's and AutoCAD Facility.

The rich library with latest books and reading section of capacity of approximately 10,000 books on teacher education, Education Technology, Education Psychology, Educational Administration & Management, Health Education, Computer Education, methods of teaching various subjects etc. In addition to this the library has unique collection of Journals/Periodicals and Encyclopaedia etc.

Computer Lab

In the modern day technological development, exposure to computers has come to stay and is being provided to the student from very beginning with theoretical knowledge followed by practical landing of computer. Students will be assigned an access code, enabling them to log on to the college Computer System. Local services available from the system will allow students to send and receive electronic mail and access the vast source of internet for doing college assignment as project and practical work.

A fully furnished Educational Technology Laboratory consisting of Computers, CDs, with access to internet.

Science Lab

Well equipped science lab having all facilities for experiments conducting in physical, chemistry and biological sciences at B.ED level.

Psychology Lab

An acquired habit is nothing but a new pathway of discharge formed in the brain, by which certain incoming currents ever after tend to escape.

The Psychology Lab is meant for training the students about the Psychology of Learning and Behavior. They need to know about the habit and learning curve for better understanding of their students. Students in these labs will be trained to read the psychology of the person before imparting the education to them.

A fully equipped Psychology Laboratory is available in the proposed College building. This lab provides various Psychology test for students. It has various Psychological Tests including the Intelligence Tests, Aptitude tests, Creativity Test, Personality Scales, Attitude tests and Interest Inventories.

Language Lab

There is well equipped language lab in our campus to develop better communication skills among students. They allow to-do good practices with talented instructors and equipments with latest system of teaching and learning materials.

Sports & Yoga

There is the facility of various sports like Football, Volley Ball, Cricket, Tennis, Badminton, Hockey etc. In addition to above, indoor facilities including Table Tennis, Carom Board and other games are available in the respective hostel. Different games / events are facilitated by institutions to our students who can develop their physical and mental strength.

Art & Craft Room

Good trained teacher with extracurricular activity like workshop, seminar and exhibition in our college campus on craft and art by eminent artist.

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