Jan Nayak Choudhary Devilal Dental College, Sirsa Infrastructure: Campus, Hostel & Other Facilities

  • Sirsa, Haryana
Updated On - Dec 14, 2021
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Jan Nayak Choudhary Devilal Dental College, Sirsa Facilities

Facilities :-


The central library of JCD Dental College is housed in the center of the dental college building on the ground floor with a total space of 8500 sq. ft. and seating capacity of 400 persons. The library complex is spacious, well-ventilated & with plenty of natural light. A separate journal section is available with attached staff reading room. Facility of photocopier is available within the library. In the reading area a separate enclosure for the newspapers and also a nicely built Carroll for the faculty members having multiple cabins is available.

About 5500 text books/ reference books and 45 journals (National & International) are available in the library for the use of students & the faculty. Good number of magazines & the news papershave been subscribed for the benifit of the students and the staff members including 380 CD titles on various Dental/Medical subjects. Complete computerization of library is under process, keeping in mind the developing trend of online library system. The facility of e-library providing an online access to various national and international has also been added. A separate section for internet library with 20 desktop computers & LAN Server is available within the library complex with high speed broadband. A special Video conferencing studio with 3-point video conferencing facility is being developed for telemedicine & teleconferencing with other Medical 7 Dental institutions of India and abroad.


The Vidyapeeth provides separate boys and girls hostel within the campus. They serve to accommodate the students of the campus. However a few rooms are available for visitor and visiting scholars to stay. To ensure the safety and security of the girls, the girl’s hostel is located in the vicinity of the residential quarters of the officers the Vidyapeeth. These hostels have been rebuild, Renovated to international standards for student’s convenience. The rooms are spacious, well-lit and are well furnished. The hostels are provided with sufficient computers with internet facility for academic upgradation of the students.

The hostel mess provides clean and hygienically prepared food and pure and safe drinking water to the students by a reverse osmosis water purification system. The rules and regulation vary for each hostel due to administrative and safety reasons. The hostels also have recreation rooms with T.V., newspapers, magazines and indoor sports. Thus, the hostel by every means proves to be a home away from home. Each hostel can accommodate over 1000 students.

Mobile Dental Van

In an attempt to reach the patients in remote areas, and spreading awareness the mobile dental vans have been into service for a long time. The dental vans are well equipped with advanced electronic chairs and adequate working area. Dental check up  and treatment camps are carried out in nearby and far off areas on regular basis.

Dental Bus

JCD Dental college provides conveyance facilities for its students residing in nearby areas. Well maintained and air conditioned buses have been kept for providing the  services. The buses cover the range of approximately 100 kms from the college.

Computer Lab

To keep up pace with technology, JCD Dental College provides the digital library facilities. A fully air conditioned, computer lab is established with 20 desktops and internet  available round the clock. The access to online library covering a number of national and international journals has been provided through K Hub online publications.

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