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Scholarships of ITM College of Engineering, [ITMCE] Nagpur

ITM College of Engineering, [ITMCE] Nagpur Scholarships

Scholarship Policy 2014-15

Students studying in ITM University can avail Scholarships under following categories

Merit Scholarship

I – YEAR (B.Tech.)

(Only 20 % students in each branch in order of merit)

12th PCM %

Scholarship awarded

Tuition Fees

80 % – 84.99 %

25 % of I Year tuition fee

INR 70200/- (National)
INR 88900/- (International)

85 % – 89.99 %

50 % of I Year tuition fee

90 % – 94.99 %

75 % of I Year tuition fee

95 % – 100 %

100 % of I Year tuition fee


Subsequent Levels: Chancellor’s Scholarship

Position/ Rank

Scholarship Awarded


INR 20000/-


INR 15000/-


INR 10000/-


Category: Scholarships Awarded by Sate Government (Applicable to SC/ST /OBC Category Students)

Course Name

Scholarship Awarded


INR 26230/-


INR 22680/-


INR 29950/-


INR 27800/-


INR 11797/-


INR 7920/-


INR 12886/-

B.Sc, (BioTech)

INR 10876/-

M.Sc. (Petroleum Technology, Food Tech., Environmental Science Microbiology, Chemistry, applied Maths, Physics )

INR 12960/-

M.Sc. (Bio Tech)

INR 28259/-

B.Sc. (Nursing)

INR 26640/-

Post Basic

INR 25000/-

M.Sc. (Nursing)

INR 35000/-

Category: Sports and Cultural Scholarship

  • 100% scholarship for International players/ Performers (Cultural).
  • 50% scholarship for National medal winners/ National Performers (Cultural). (Gold, Silver & Bronze position only!
  • 25% scholarship of National sports/ cultural participation
  • 10% scholarship for State sports/ cultural participation

Sport Events for Availing Scholarships must be recognized by:

  • Olympic games by IOC
  • World championships under international sports federation (lOA and/or MYAS recognized/affiliated games).
  • Asian games by Olympic Council of Asia.
  • Asian championship organized by International Federation of concerned game (recognized/affiliated by MYAS and/or lOA).
  • Commonwealth, SAF and Afro-Asian games
  • Paralympics games (recognized/affiliated by IOC and/or MYAS
  • In absence of relevant sports certificates scholarship application will not be considered

Category: Scholarships for Military and Paramilitary Forces

  • 10% scholarship on Tuition Fees


  • Any student who has done BBA/BCA/B.Sc./B.Com. from ITM University or ITM universe & seeks admission in MBA/MCA at ITM university, will get a relaxation of Rs. 10,000/- per year.
  • For B.Sc. course if one seeks admission in M.Sc. will get relaxation of 10% of Tuition Fee in First year only
  • If parent (Earning) of a student of ITM university passes away, during the terms of the course, He/ She will get relaxation of 50% in tuition fee per year

Staff working in ITM University can avail a benefit of relaxation on tuition fee if their ward takes admission in ITM University as follows:


25% off on tuition fee per year

Class III and Class IV

50% of tuition fee per year

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