Institute of Actuaries of India (IAI) Infrastructure: Campus, Hostel & Other Facilities

  • Navi Mumbai , Maharashtra
Maimil Maiti Maimil Maiti | Jul 4, 2023
Maimil Maiti
Maimil Maiti

Updated on - Jul 4, 2023

The IAI infrastructure offers modern facilities to students for a better learning experience. It is located in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. The institute is equipped with a library, auditorium, seminar halls, and a good IT Infrastructure. Some of the highlighting features of the Institute of Actuaries of India infrastructure are mentioned below.

Smart Classrooms: The IAI campus has spacious, air-conditioned classrooms equipped with smart teaching tools. These include teaching aids like computers, laptops, and projectors for more efficient communication and interactive lectures.

Seminar Hall /Auditorium: The IAI infrastructure includes a seminar hall/auditorium for conducting and organising various events. IAI Mumbai conducts several international-level conferences, which take place in the seminar hall/auditorium.

Library: The IAI has a central library with various volumes of books and references books in various streams. Subscriptions to national and international journals, reference books from various reputed authors, and periodicals are present in the IAI library.

IT Infrastructure: The IAI infrastructure includes a well-built IT infrastructure to aid the topics taught in the institute. The computer labs are equipped with the latest servers and desktops supported with high-speed internet.

IAI Facilities: Some of the other amenities offered at the Institute of Actuaries of India Mumbai are:

  • Academic Building
  • Canteen/ Mess
  • Medical Facilities

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