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Gurukul Vidyapeeth Mohali Campus, [GVMC] Mohali Engineering Fee Structure

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Master of Technology [M.Tech]

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2 year(s), Full Time

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Gurukul Vidyapeeth Mohali Campus, [GVMC] Mohali Management Fee Structure

Master of Business Administration [MBA]

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2 year(s), Full Time
All Branches of Master of Business Administration [MBA]
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Approved by All India Council for Technical Education, Ministry of HRD, Govt of India, Recognised by Govt of Punjab and affiliated to Punjab Technical University Jalandhar.
It is rare that a more profound statement is heard at GURUKUL VIDYAPEETH,they strive to live by it.They consider education to be the divine gift of the gods and as such they endeavor to provide Vedic Education to their students. This is the reason why they follow the ancient Gurukul system of education and at the same time we try to inculcate modern values clubbed with quality teaching and teaching methodologies which will enable their students to deal with the trials and tribulations which life throws at them. Gurukuls have existed from Vedic times.

The etymology of the Sanskrit word "GURUKULA" is Gu: Darkness; Ru: Dispeller; Kula: an institution. Gurukul Vidyapeeth is a revival of that ancient tradition and they take pride in following the blend of analytical studies with the spiritual & intellectual development that help students dispel the darkness of the mind. At Gurukul Vidyapeeth spiritual development has always been a priority. The student’s development of value and beliefs, emotional maturity, moral development, spirituality, and understanding oneself are the goals. GURUKUL VIDYAPEETH is an engineering college with a difference.They are the only engineering college in North India to offer a degree in Marine Engineering, a most sought after course due to the paucity of marine engineers.

Aeronautical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Petrochem and Petroleum Refinery Engineering, 3D Animation and Graphics, clubbed with Mechanical, Civil, Electronics & Computer, Computer engineering, post graduation and under graduation in Management and Computer Applications are among the courses available to the discerning student. At Gurukul they have now added two more engineering courses; Automobile Engineering and Mining Engineering. These courses are in accordance with the rules and regulations of the ALL INDIA COUNCIL FOR TECHNICAL EDUCATION (AICTE), a statutory body of the government of India, the Department of Technical Education, Industrial Training Government of Punjab and Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar.


Gurukul Vidyapeeth is to provide intellectually well developed, Spiritually oriented, morally upright and socially concerned citizens for India and to prepare the students to achienve all above qualities by maintaing Ancient Indian Cultural Values.


To prepare students with capacities and creativity to have new thoughts,new horizons and analytical capabilties so as to enable them to achieve the objectives of business and society. To imbibe the students to incalculate the qualities of human values and achieve greater heights keeping their humilty intact. To make them true professionals and efficients corporate managers so they become responsible corporate citizens. To have an effectivetteam with a zeal and enthusiam for achieving results in the fiercely competitive world.

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