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Facilities :-

The college library is quite rich having very good collection of books on almost all the subjects. There are more than 99,605 books in it. The reference section has authentic dictionaries, various general as well as subject specific encyclopedias, reference books, etc. The books are stacked on open shelves and the students have free access to them.

Hostel: The hostel is situated on the college campus itself. It is among the largest (perhaps the largest one) in Rajasthan with 128 rooms, one auditorium, and playgrounds. This is to say something about the farsightedness of that great visionary, Seth Kanhaiya  Lal Lohia, that he built such a big hostel at a time when there was absolutely no need of such a big size. Some 325 students can be accommodated in it. The fee structure is very reasonable and even poor students can afford it.

Each of the subjects in the Faculty of Science has more than one laboratories. Subjects like zoology, botany, chemistry, and geography which offer post graduate courses also, have separate laboratories for UG & PG classes. The labs are equipped with latest equipments and instruments. Adequate infrastructural facilities exist not only for the students but also for the research scholars. All these four subjects have sufficient facilities for research work.

Language Laboratory: This lab has units for 20 students at a time. One master console is there for the trainer. It is equipped with audio-visual aids which make the process of learning of English easier and interesting. It is a joyful experience inside the lab during the training sessions.

Youth Development Center: Making information available for students regarding career advancement opportunities, vacancies, competitive examinations ect.

Computer Lab: A fully advanced computer lab.

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