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Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Reviews

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc], batch of 2017

The college is women's college so there is only girls hostel inside the campus. The hostel is very secure for the girls with a warden living in the hostel. The girls are not allowed outside the campus after 6 pm in the evening. The mess provides students with good quality of food 3 times a day. All the other facilities like geyser, beds, cupboards, electricity,etc are provided to the girls. The new buildings have modern classes with fully furnished wooden benches .4-5 Wifi networks are available in the college.

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Government College for Women, Jammu Infrastructure Details


  • Library:
    The Library is located in the heart of academic complex and is accessible easily to all the students. It is well equipped with a collection of above 50,000 books comprising of Textbooks, Reference Books, General Books, Literary Books, Periodicals and Journals. It is subscribing to nearly all-leading Newspapers. The library is open all working days during the working hours.
  • Well-equipped Modern Laboratories:
    The college has well-equipped Modern Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Home-Science, Food Science, Psychology, Geography, Statistics, Music and Biotechnology. All the equipments related to under-graduate practicals are available.
  • Book Bank:
    Book Bank comprises of Text as well as other reference books to be issued to the deserving candidates under UGC Aid Norms. The Textbooks are issued to the students for the whole session and are returned by them at the time of receiving University Roll No.
  • Computer Facility:
    Computer facility which is must in this modern age has also been provided by the college management. The net surfing facility is also available to the students and the College has facility for imparting Quality Education by modern teaching methods using audio-visual aids. A Sify Cyber Café is also available in the Physics Department for the students to access the Internet facility at discounted price.
  • Xeroxing:
    Xerox facility is provided in the college premises and it is available to all the students and staff during office hours at subsidized rates.
  • Canteen:
    Adequate canteen facility is also available in college. The canteen provides eatables at reasonable rates in most clean and hygienic conditions as obligatory under the health laws. The canteen is run by a contractor. A Nescafe Counter is also established in the College premises to cater to the needs of the students.
  • Hostel:
    The College provides suitable hostel facility with proper mess for students from far-flung areas. It has an accommodation for over 200 students with 3-4 students adjusted per room. The hostel rooms are provided with all comforts necessary for the students. A recreation hall cum indoor games facility has been recently introduced in the hostel.
  • College Dispensary:
    College has a dispensary for students and the staff for providing First Aid facility in times of emergency and for minor troubles. The college dispensary is managed by a whole time trained Pharmacist during college hours.
  • Parking Facility:
    The College has sufficient area and facility for the Parking of vehicles of College Staff and the students.
  • Bus Facility:
    The college is starting Bus facility for the college students. Those who want to avail this should fill up a separate form available in the college office.
  • College Auditorium:
    The College has a fully air conditioned auditorium with 750 seating capacity equipped with all modern facilities for conducting various programmes, seminars, conferences, debates, cultural items, plays etc. It is available to any Govt. & Non-Govt. Organization on terms and conditions available with the college management for academic and cultural purposes.
  • Playground (Games & Sports):
    The college has a vast playground for Cricket, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Handball. There is a Badminton Court and an adequate provision for Table Tennis. Each student is expected to play at least one game.
  • Student Counseling Unit:
    The College enjoys the tradition of having counseling for the service of the students. It is a unique opportunity offered by the institution for the benefit of the students on the campus. The college has great concern for the integral growth of the students and staff both teaching and non-teaching. There is facility of problem solving related to adolescence. By the term counseling we mean not advising or arguing or not even guiding but journeying together with the students. The goal of counseling is to achieve a better personality, adjustment and growth is maturity by stimulating the students to explore their resources. We help the students to help themselves to change their attitudes and to get a deeper knowledge of self and self awareness. We help them to get into the process of modification of self perception and a modification of perception of others and of the world.
  • Grievance Redressal Cell:
    The management has established a Grievance Redressal Cell in the college. any person among the students or staff can lodge his/her complaint with the cell and demand appropriate redressal. The complaint register and the Box are available with the Dean Students .
  • Book Club:
    The College has a Book club which offers a platform for literary activities to the staff and students to voice their ideas and views.
  • Nature’s Club:
    A nature’s club has been started in the college in collaboration with the Wild Life Welfare Department.
  • Women’s Studies Center:
    A women’s studies center has been set up in the college which enroll students who want a deep insight to get sensitized to the women issues and to develop the entrepreneurial skills by learning creative activity like pottery decor, candles, painting etc.

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