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Facilities :-

ICT Resource centre      

The college has a well furnished ICT laboratory fitted with 28 computer Pentium IV with printer & scanners. In ICT there have one LCD Projector , three OHP and one slide projector. The resource centre have sitting capacity of 50 students. All the academic work relating to holding of seminars and conference is carried out through the computer.  College has also provide internet facility to all the students.  Qualified & trained faculty is handling the computers and providing instructions to the students in the teacher education programme.


Library is a growing organism keeping in mind the fifth law of Library Science.  Library has an important role to play in an educational institution.  The library is well equipped with the latest books.  It has 7,688 books in stock with 4 computer with internet connection and photocopy facility. The sitting capacity of 100 students in the library reading section that is separate and fully AC .  It subscribes to various journals  on Education.  Books are properly arranged systematically for the user.  Research and reference sections are well stocked.

The library has an open shelf system where members of the staff and students can consult books freely and make their own selection An B.Ed student is issued four books at a time whereas a D.Ed. students issued two books at a time for a period of 14 days.  The college has a strong book bank collection which caters to the needs of all student for the full session.  However mentorious needy and poor are given proiority for the issue of the books.

The Library has a photocopier where member of the staff andstudents can get documents photocopied at concessional rates. Member of the faculty recommend books to be purchased for the library.  The jackets of new arrivals are displayed on a board.

A highly qualified and experienced Librarian heads the Library.

Health and Physical Education Resource Center              

The college Physical Education Resource Centre has  various  equipments of different games and exercise.  Every month specific activities are organized by this resource centre. The HPE teacher is expert to train their pupil teacher how to develop and maintain physical fitness of students and yourself. Yoga classes are organised by this resource center. Alongwith this center organise Inter house competitionof various games like volley ball , chess , carrom  , tennis etc. For find the quality of better fitness we organized annual  atheletic meet is organized on college ground because games and sports are an essential feature of a college of education because invariably teachers are assigned duties in a school related to this.  In addition to the academic work with which a teacher is mainly entrusted, he has to develop the quality of physical fitness and charactor development, in his students as well.

Teacher-Incharge of Physical Education organizes the activities smoothly through the year.  The educational society of college organize a variety of programmes of educational values, of which are as.

  1. Developing leadership qualities among the students.
  2. Developing organisational skill among the pupil teacher.
  3. Developing open midedness through interfaith programmes.

Psychology Resource Center     

The college has a Psychology Laboratory with various tests & equipments like with sitting capacity of 50 students , computer with internet and LCD Projector.  All the equipments & tests are provided according  to the need of B.Ed & D.Ed. Students.  These equipments & Psychological tests are sufficient in quantity. Display of various theories in educational psychology in the display board of psychology resource center like theories of Intelligence, personality, learrning & schools of psychology are provided in the lab which give broad description.  Proper seating arrangement is there in the lab.  Portraits of various psychologists with their description are there in the lab.  Proper & calm  environment is provided to the students.

Science Laboratory        

The College has a Science Lab to conduct practically in experiments according to there student needs which is combo for Physical Sciences and Life Sciences.  Various equipments, specimens chemicals etc. are provided to conduct  experiments for secondry classes.

Language Lab

The College has a Language Lab with various equipments.  A lab is equiped with instruments like audio C.D. Player, Head Phones, Mike etc.  These equipments are sufficient according to the strength of students. For the betterment of Students Language lab is updated in 2011 with 10 new Computers with Latest Langoustine system.   Lab is very helpful to creat interesting atmosphere in the teaching learning process.  Language lab is helpful to create good atmosphere in the class room.  It is essential that, the learners of English make a systemmatic study of sound system of the language.  So more and more explosure of English sound system will lead to teaching & learning of accurate English so it  becomes essential that students belonging to various regions are exposed to the same standard material in the language laboratory  in order to develop uniform &  acceptable habit of speech.  Language lab installs certain courses like spoken English, day to day English, Phonetics knowledge, seminars for the trainees of the college.  These courses are conducted with the help of audio C.D's.  The incharge of Language Laboratory is professionally trained and academically competent for her own work.

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