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Dr MC Saxena College of Pharmacy, Lucknow Infrastructure Details

Facilities :-

Separate Boys & Girls Hostels :
Hostels are the center which provides state-of-the-art livens to the students and foster friendship and brotherhood among each other… The college provides separate hostels for boys and girls. The hostels have triple seated rooms. Each Floor of the hostel has a lounge area, a pantry and lavatory/shower facilities. Some of the other facilities in hostels are

  • A reading room.
  • A TV room and a laundry.
  • Wi-fi connectivity for Intranet & Internet (2 MBPS Broadband 24x7 link).
  • Each hostel has its own Warden.
  • Mediclaim facility available.
  • All Girls hostel room has attached toilet.
  • Cold & Hot water available.
  • Electricity with power backup.
  • Separate bus to & fro from hostel to college is complimentary for Girls.
  • Girl’s hostel is 2 km from UPTU in heart of the city.


Gymnasia have a main workout area, which primarily consists of free weights including dumbbells, barbells, rowing machines, stationary exercise bikes, elliptical trainers and exercise machines. This area often includes mirrors so that exercisers can monitor and maintain correct posture during their workout. Exercise that is conducted by qualified fitness instructors.


The College Canteen is spread over an area of 5000 sq ft, specially designed to comfortably serve 1500 students at a time. An all day cafeteria ensures refreshments for “busy minds”. Apart from serving tea, coffee, cold-drinks, fruit juices, ice creams & fast foods the canteen provides special lunch packs. Extra care is being taken to ensure hygienic food for students. There is also a special arrangement for mess. The canteen has a separate, air conditioned dining space for faculty members.

Central Library

The department has a separate library consisting of over 2000 titles and more than 3000 volumes subscribing to various national and international journals. The library is also a part of the Delnet network enabling students to access over 10Lacs books digitally.

The Library is increasingly being redefined as a place to get unrestricted access to information in many formats and from many sources. In addition to providing materials, the college also provides the services of librarians, who are experts at finding and organizing information. The library has a good collection of books which are a source of extensive information and references for Students. All books in MCSGOC library have separate barcode and connected to lipases. In addition to this, the library is also a host to large number of Fiction books that are a source of entertainment. The aim of the library is to not only help to inculcate the habit of reading but inculcates a thirst for knowledge, which makes a person humble and open to new ideas throughout his/her life.


MCSGOC has a centrally air-conditioned, state of the art group auditorium with sofa theater sitting, covering ____ square feet, with a sitting capacity of above 500 students and equipped with the latest LCD Projectors and sound systems.

Dispensary & Medical Facilities

MCSGOC has a dispensary running in the premises itself to provide proper medical facilities to not only students but staff & faculty members, workers and even the residents of the local area. Also MCSGOC has a tie up with National Insurance, provides Medi claim with the daily hospitalization benefits.

24x7 Wifi Internet Connections

All the academics blocks, hostels, library and other central facilities are interconnected through access points to campus wide wireless network. The power of internet and its capabilities to support the academics research and studies, sharing knowledge is well know. For the same purpose, the college provides internet access through a 2Mbps 24x7 Internet Broadband link. The campus Network provides services and facilities such as electronic mail, internet and teaching software, office automation software utilities and printing facilities.

Prompt Power Back Ups

The college is supported 5 Nos. Kirloskar make automatic gen sets in the rating of 150 KVA, 82.5 KVA, 25 KVA, 15 KVA & 5 KVA along with 125 KVA UPPCB Electricity Connection.


MCSGOC has a full-fledged sports department which organizes sports meets and sends teams in various inter-college competitions.

It has a well-equipped gymnasium and other sports related facilities. Both indoor and outdoor sports facilities are also available in the College.

Every year at time of College fest Students Governing council organizes “Intra – College Sports league” which includes Table Tennis League, Basketball Match and Cricket League. In Sports day we can feel the Passion of the students.

College Transports

The college has its own fleet of buses running throughout the city for brining students and faculty to the campus with minimum charges. However, students residing in hostels are exempted from the bus charges. On holidays free transport is provided to hostlers to go the market for their necessary purchases.

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