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Scholarships of Dr Babasaheb Nandurkar College of Physical Education, Yavatmal

Dr Babasaheb Nandurkar College of Physical Education, Yavatmal Scholarships

Scholarships and Awards

Students belong to SC/ST/OBC are offered scholarship by the state government. Meritorious students may also avails following scholarships and awards offered by the college itself, provided scholars are required to observe disciplines and also be regular in attendance. Student of our college can apply for the central/state govt. schlorship/ by university organizations schemes. Eligible students can avail the scholarship, subject to the fulfillment of eligible candidates./ directives issued by central/ state/ university/ organization. And after sanctioned by the respective department.

Dr. Babasaheb Nandurkar Outstanding Performance

Student has been offered cash prize of Rs. 5000 as an award on securing 1st merit in University examination at bachelor or Master Degree and cash prize of Rs. 1000 on securing any other merit. As well, students securing 1at merit at diploma course will be awarded cash prize of Rs. 2000.

Smt. Vimalatai Nandurkar 100% Attendance Award

Student having 100% attendance in all academic, co-curricular activities will be offered cash prize Rs. 1000 fro all courses.

Smt. Vimalatai Nandurkar Highest Scorer Award 

Students scoring highest marks in aggregate of all sessional examination with 90% attendance will be offered Rs. 1000 for all courses.

Smt. Bhausaheb Nandurkar Best Performance Award  

Players of our college team ho will be the winner of inter collegiate tournaments organized by the Sant Gadagebaba University, Amaravati will be offered award of Rs. 500 each for all games and winner in individual events at University level will also be awarded by cash prize of Rs. 500 in any activity viz. games cultural, co-curricular.

Best Student of The Year Award

For all round development of the student “Best Student Of the Year Award” has been declared, students from all faculties with highest score in academic , curricular activities will be offered with prize of Rs.2500.

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