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Scholarships of Banasthali Vidyapith, Jaipur

Banasthali Vidyapith, Jaipur Scholarships

Scholarships at Banasthali Vidyapith, Jaipur:

Merit Scholarships:

Eligibility No. of Students Amount Annually [INR]
Students ranking first and second in the merit of 10+2 examination in Arts, Science and Home Science 6 5,000
Students ranking first and second in BA, B.Sc, BCA and BBA 10 10,000
Students obtaining top marks in 6th standard, Senior Secondary Part-I [Home Science] and TDC I and II year [Home Science], BCA, BBA, B.Tech I and II year of Banasthali Vidyapith 13 5,000
Students with top marks in M.A. I and II semesters, M.Sc. I and II semesters and M.Sc. Home Science I and II semesters & MBA I and II semesters 4 10,000

Merit cum Need Scholarships:

The Merit cum Need Scholarships are offered to the students of Banasthali Vidyapith who fit the criteria mentioned below

  • Annual Income amounting to Rs 5000
  • Annual Income amounting to Rs 10000
  • Daughters of wardens of Vidyapith's Hostel
  • Daughters of Kargil martyrs

Scholarships based on Merit:

Eligibility No. of Students Amount Annually [INR]
Merit Scholarships 3 5,000
Merit Scholarships 15 10,000
Merit cum Need Scholarships 5 5,000
Merit cum Need Scholarships 43 10,000

Other Scholarships:

Name of the Scholarship No. of Students Amount Annually [INR]
National Scholarship 14
As per rule of Government of Rajasthan
Mahila Yogyata Chhatravritti  -
Rajasthan Sanskrit Academy Scholarship for UG students of Sanskrit  -
District Rural Development Authority Scholarship for SC students  -
For SC, ST, OBC and Minorities by Social Justice and Welfare Department, Government of Rajasthan [Post Metric Scholarship] 37
For Tribal Students of North East by Social Justice and Welfare Department, Government of Rajasthan 89
For SC/ ST students of Arunachal Pradesh by Government of Arunachal Pradesh 15 Total Fees
For SC/ ST students of Tripura by Government of Tripura  -
For ST students of Andaman and Nicobar by Andaman Administration 5

Scholarships provided by Private Institutions:

Name of the Scholarship No. of Students
Amount Annually (INR)
Artech - Dalmia Scholarship 2 Total Fees
KC Mahindra Education Trust 12 2,400
Shri Hemkarna Modi Scholarship 1 1,300
Smt. Janki Devi Advani Scholarship 1 9,00
Shri Jamnalal Bajaj Scholarship 1 4,00
Smt. Kasturi Devi Premibihari Scholarship 1 4,00
Smt. Rajeswari Mohan Scholarship 1 9,00
Smt. Kamla Devi Gupta Book Grant 2 8,600
Smt. Kundan Lal Gupta Scholarship 1 4,00
Smt. Sitarani Mathur Scholarship 1 4,00
Shri Jhalani Scholarship 1 6,00
Smt. Nandini Chaudhary Scholarship 1 1,000
Smt. Ramadevi Gupta Scholarship 1 9,00
Late Shri J.N. Ahori Scholarship 1 4,000
Late Smt. Kamlawati Ahori Scholarship 1 8,300
Dr Jagmohan Dayal Garg Scholarship [for poor rural girl student] 1 1,400
Shri Shiva Prasad Farsaia Memorial Scholarship for a widow or poor students studying in one of Vidyapith’s professional courses
Smt. Ramanchala Nagpal Scholarship 1 9,500
Smt. Shashi Prabha Tiwari, Deptt. of Chemistry, Banasthali Scholarship [for needy poor students] 1 9,500
Smt. Shyama Bhatnagar Merit-cum-need Scholarship for a student of BA II/III year 1 7,00
Late Km. Neha Goswami Memorial Scholarship [Poor students studying in class BCA] 1 16,000
Kanoria Scholarship [for MBA students] 5 5,000
Scholarship fund by Shri Mukul Gupta Memory for widow students 1 4,700
Smt. Indira Singh Memorial Scholarship 1 1,100
Dr Badri Prasad Shukla Scholarship 2 3,000
Shri Hansulal Scholarship 5 11,700

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