Aryabhatt College of Engineering and Technology(ACET Baghpat) Placements 2022: Highest & Average Salary Package, Top Companies

  • Bagpat, Uttar Pradesh
Updated On - Dec 14, 2021
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Aryabhatt College of Engineering and Technology(ACET Baghpat) Placements

The curriculum provides extensive industrial training in industrial and business organizations anywhere in the country. The main objective of this training is to expose the students to practical applications of the knowledge acquired by them during the course of Engineering and Management Studies. This also gives confidence and helps in all round growth and development in real life. Industry interaction makes studies more pragmatic to real life applications. The college endeavours to provide regular industrial visits to students even during the Engineering Studies to broaden their horizon of knowledge.

The college prefers (emphasizes) that all students should the engaged in the specific industrial training projects, so that at the end of the training, the students are aware of the application of the structure and operations of industrial organizations and implication and future prospects of their stream of specialization training also prepares them to cope up with the real job problems.

Seminars & Workshops

Both the colleges conduct seminars and conference on current topics of relevance. There is a board headed by the Director looking after such activities. Inter – class seminars on the topics relevant to their course curriculum as well as for the enhancement of their personality are frequently organized. A calendar of such activities is scheduled per semester. These activities are held every alternate week on Wednesday. By this participatory method of learning, through presentation, the students on one hand develop confidence to express them without any hesitation and at the same time develop in depth knowledge of the topic.

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