Himanshu Bajpai

Himanshu Bajpai

Content Marketing Lead

Himanshu serves as the Content Marketing Lead at GetMyUni. His dedication lies in crafting educational content to assist students. He keeps a close eye on updates pertaining to board exams and offers SEO-related guidance to writers.
With a strong inclination towards the Digital Marketing domain, Himanshu envisions significant growth in this field. He possesses expertise in both paid and organic marketing channels, showcasing proficiency in Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, and SEO. Alongside his existing skills, he is currently advancing as a content professional.

Educational Background

Himanshu, another engineer with a keen interest in marketing, hails from an Engineering background. He is a graduate of the University of Agra with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. During his tenure in college, he worked as an editor for the college FM channel. His chosen field of interest has always been marketing, which is why he was selected to prepare high-quality academic content for students in this field