Wipro Placement Procedure

There are 3 rounds in interview process -

  1. Written Test
  2. Technical Interview
  3. HR Interview

1. Written Test

The format of Written Test is as follows:

  1. English.
  2.  Quants.
  3. Logical.
  4. Technical.
  5. Essay writing.

    1. English: 25 Question, Time: 20 minutes

    Questions are mostly on Antonyms, Synonyms, Spot the Error and around 10 questions on the passages they gave (2 passages n each 5 questions).

    2. Quants: 16 Questions, Time: 16 minutes.

    Prepare R.S. Agarwal almost all the topics in that book are covered. Time management is very important. Profit loss, partnership, percentage etc

    3. Logical: 14 Question, Time: 14 minutes

    Questions on Directions, Series, Blood Relations, Jumbled Sentences, Coding and Decoding, Data Sufficiency, Inferences from passages are mostly asked.

    4. Technical: 14 Question, Time: 17 minutes

    Questions based on call by value, call by reference and many more topics of C, C++, Data Structures. They give you a certain small code and ask us to find the output. And basic definitions were asked in the form of MCQ's.

    5. Essay writing:

    My topic was to write essay on pollution in the community and what would you do to control it any device with the design details.

2. Technical Interview

Technical questions are related to your field such as C, C++, Java, Data structures, DBMS, SQL, .NET, OS, OOPS, Networking, Pointers etc.

3. HR Interview

For sample interview questions, see the HR interview questions section