What Is The Difference Between Sales and Marketing?

What Is The Difference Between Sales and Marketing?

Sales refer to the exchange of goods and services for money (Traditional name - Barter System) whereas marketing is a broad term that involves a chain of activities such as promotion, price, place, and sales. Marketing as a whole focuses on customer’s need, whereas sales stress the needs of the company.

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Difference Between Sales and Marketing

As we all know Sales and Marketing are closely associated with each other. The main objective of both the process is to increase the revenue of the organization. It is hard to realize the difference between sales and marketing as these are closely intertwined each other. However, in a small firm, you cannot find any difference between sales and marketing. It is the other way around in the bigger firm as there is a clear distinction between sales and marketing with specialized people working on them independently.

  • What is Sales? Selling What’s in Stock

  • What is Marketing? Aligning with Customers, Now and for the Future

Sales Vs Marketing Comparison Chart





The act of transfer of ownership of goods from the manufacturer to the end users in exchange for money or any other consideration is known as Sales.

Marketing is understanding the requirements or needs of the customers.

Orientation Based




Fragmented approach

Integrated approach

Prime Focus

Company needs

Market (Customer) needs

Scope in the Field

Related to the ease flow of goods to customers. 

Related to all the activities which facilitate the flow of goods to customers.


Short term

Long Term


To instigate or manipulate shoppers in such a way that they turn out as buyers.

To identify the needs of customers and create products to satisfy their needs.


One to One

One to Many


Individual or small group

General Public

Activity related to

individual Person


In general and simple words, sales can be termed as a procedure which targets individuals or small groups. Whereas, the marketing deals with a larger group or the general public.

Marketing is a bigger scope which starts even before the establishment of a product/ service by identifying the needs of the customer, it is termed as market research. Then developing the innovative product and promoting it through the proper channel. The channel of promotion is again identified by analyzing the market condition. Once the product is out in the market, it is the job of the sales representative to approach the individual or smaller groups to sell the product. Sales also can be said as converting the prospect into customers.

Marketing involves a longer process of building a brand name for the company which makes the products move to the hands of the customer with fewer efforts, it is said that the marketers make people buy the products even if they do not need it. Whereas sales involve the short-term goal of finding the target customers and selling the products to them.

Marketers act as a watchdog of the market in order to update the product/service according to the change in the need of the customers. Sometimes the marketers also try to create a new need or habit in the minds of the customers in order to penetrate the products to them. As an example, we all know the way by which the telecom company JIO changed the perception of internet usage of the Indians. The company was successful in changing the usage quota of customers from 1 Gb per Month to 1 Gb per day.

Basic Difference Between Sales and Marketing?

Coming back to the difference, Marketing serves as the helping hands to the sales. It does all the groundwork in favour of the salesperson to approach the customers. Sales can be directly into the customers whereas in marketing it uses many methods like advertising, brand marketing, public relations, and viral marketing for creating an awareness of the product. It also deals with retaining existing customers. It is said that the expense incurred for a prospective customer is much higher than that of retaining the existing customer. Hence marketers play an important role in retaining the existing customers thus increasing the revenue of the company. Sales really deal with interpersonal interactions. Sales involve one-on-one meetings, networking, and calls incurring more expense with the less return on investment as compared to the marketing.

Another difference seen is that in some cases the sales involve in one time sale whereas the marketing opens an avenue to build a relationship between the brand and the customer. Sales techniques and strategies are based on what it takes to close the deal. The companies usually set the sales target on a shorter period such as weeks, months or quarters. Sales play a crucial role in smaller companies where the marketing strategies are not up to the competition or the one with bad marketing strategies. Sales activities are usually done by an individual with planning and execution in a smaller period of time whereas marketing is the effort of the whole group and time-consuming.

Sales use Push Strategy in order to bring revenue to the company. Push Strategy refers to the planning and technique used to push the product to the customers. Marketing uses both Push and Pull Strategy to increase the revenue of the company. Pull Strategy refers to the planning and techniques which makes the customer attracted to the product.

Marketing & Sales Tools Resources

The Introduction of new tools in sales and marketing totally depends on Technology. Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, etc. are the newer references (tools) in the Market. 

Marketing Tools

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) tool

  • Project management tool

  • Data reporting software

  • Content creation tool

Sales Tools

  • Documents tool

  • Meetings app

  • Invoicing software

  • Email management tool

  • Inventory and order management software

Sales and Marketing Strategies

Marketing teams can take different strategic approaches depending on the type of campaign and customer they're targeting. Common marketing strategies include:

  • Internet marketing

  • Print marketing

  • Blog marketing

  • Search engine optimization

  • Social media marketing

  • Video marketing

Similar to marketing strategies, sales methods can vary depending on its industry, products, market, and target customer. Some of the most popular sales methodologies are:

  • SPIN Selling

  • Solution Selling

  • N.E.A.T. Selling

  • Conceptual Selling

  • SNAP Selling

  • CustomerCentric Selling

  • Inbound Selling


  • The Challenger Sale

  • The Sandler System

Each of these sales strategies helps a buyer to solve a problem, achieve a goal, or increase revenue. And hopefully, the sales team's selling technique will lead to a sale and a new customer.

Difference Between Sales and Marketing with Example 

Mr Bond wants to open a shop in an area whose population is around 20,000, which will offer all Indian cuisines to the customers, as there is no other shop in the area. For which he arranges money, opens a shop at rent, purchase furniture, hire some good chefs, but after four to five months Bond find that all his savings and borrowed money are ending because there are not enough customers, to give him good returns. (i.e There is NO SALES HAPPENING)

After that, he decides to advertise his restaurant, through various media like radio, televisions, posters, newspaper, etc. , and the results are positive, he started getting good profits from the shop, and the reason is marketing.

Sales and Marketing Key Points

  • Sales is a small concept whereas marketing is a much deeper concept.

  • Marketing involves a set of activities and sales in one part of it.

  • Sales use Push Strategy whereas marketing uses both Push and Pull Strategies in bringing revenue to the company.

  • Marketing is a process which facilitates sales.

  • Sales make the customer purchase the existing products whereas marketing changes the product according to customer needs.

  • Interests of the buyer are considered in marketing.

Conclusion on the differences between Sales and Marketing

Both these terms (Sales and Marketing) are closely interlinked to each other and play a very important role in the survival of business in the long run.

After reading the article you might have got an outline of the difference between sales and marketing. The importance of both sales and marketing in making the company survive. There are many other differences which you will be able to interpret based on the above points.

The sale is a human-oriented function, so the personnel involved in the sales activity should be given proper training and incentives to boost his morale and earn higher revenues in return. On the other hand, Marketing is a media-oriented, so the best channels of advertisement and promotion of goods and services should be adapted to have increased sales along with the enhanced brand image.


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