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 What is Tourism?

Travel and Tourism Courses after 12thTourism is all about the activities of people travelling to and staying in places away from their usual environment mainly for leisure. It includes Outbound Tourism, Inbound Tourism, and Domestic Tourism.

  • Outbound Tourism refers to visiting a place outside your country. For example, from the Indian tourism perspective, Going to the UK from India.

  • Inbound Tourism is when people from another country visits your country. For example, from the Indian tourism perspective, Coming to Indian from Canada.

  • Domestic Tourism refers to people visiting a different place by the resident of the country. For example, from the Indian tourism perspective, Going to Karnataka from Mumbai.

Tourism Industry

The tourism industry is a vital, dynamic and evolving industry. It is important for the economic growth of any country. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, the tourism industry has generated ₹15.24 lakh crore (US$210 billion) or 9.4% of India's GDP in 2017. It also helps Indian citizens with 41.622 million jobs which are 8% of the total employment in India. It is estimated that the tourism industry will grow at an annual rate of 6.9% and reaches ₹32.05 lakh crore (US$450 billion) by 2028.

According to the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, 2017, India is ranked at 40th position out of 136 countries as the country scores high on natural and cultural resources. It is also mentioned that India has good air transport and reasonable ground transport infrastructure. However, some aspects of tourism infrastructure are yet to develop.

Agra, Mumbai, Jaipur, Chennai and Delhi were the most visited cities of India by foreign tourists.

Importance of Tourism

Tourism is one of the most popular ways of spending free time and it is highly developed in almost all countries. There are some countries like Malta where tourism is the source of all its revenue. There are lots of people working in the tourism branch and it possesses about 8% of the employment in India.

The additional revenue that comes to a place also benefits the local government in the development of the infrastructure of the country such as new airports, schools, hospitals and so on.

Apart from the revenue, there are also many other social advantages. It is a source of pride for the local communities which in turn allows them to preserve their cultural heritage from the risk of being lost.

It also facilitates the concept of the global village as the idea of national boundaries are eliminated. This helps the smooth flow of goods and services from one country to another.

Tourism Courses

Travel and tourism sector is developing enormously in India. If one possesses excellent communication skills and is a passionate traveller, a career in Travel and Tourism is the best. This profession is all about making travelling a pleasant experience. It deals with hospitality and tour management.
There are so many institutions that offer travel and tourism courses with effective training. There are a lot of jobs and internships available in this industry.

Here are the travel and tourism degrees offered in India.

Travel and Tourism Courses after 12th

Travel and Tourism Courses

Number of years required to complete

Airline, Travel and Tourism Diploma

1-2 years

Tourism and Hotel Management Diploma

3 years

Bachelors in Tourism Studies

3 years

B.Sc. in Airlines, Tourism, and Hospitality

3 years

B.A. in tourism

3 years

BBA in tourism and Travel

3 years

B.A. in the management of Tourism Business

3 years

Master of Tourism Administration

2 years

MBA – Tourism and Hospitality

2 years

M.A. in Tourism Management

2 years

Master in Travel Administration

2 years

PG Diploma in Travel and Tourism

1 year

PGDM in Tourism and Travel

2 years

To earn a degree in tourism the students usually choose any of the required listed degrees and then decide on a program track in a specific area such as hospitality management, tourism management, or any other related field.

Eligibility Criteria for Travel and Tourism Courses

Diploma courses:

  • Candidates should have passed 10+2 course in any branch from a recognized board of education.

  • Candidates are taken based on the merit in class 12th or any state-level entrance exams.

  • Few Government colleges take admission based on NCHN JEE test

Post-graduation Courses:

  • Candidates willing to take these courses should have completed their graduation. ( preferably in the field of tourism )

  • Admissions are done based on the entrance exams conducted on the state-level or separately by the universities. It varies from colleges to colleges.

Tourism Course Subjects

The topics in the course deal with the in-depth knowledge about the various factors affecting tourism. The Subjects offered in travel and tourism courses are given below in the table.

Tourism Course Subjects
Principles of Management Indian Heritage
Communication Skills For Customer Services Introduction to Tourism Organisations
Tourism Planning Human Resource Development
Economics of Tourism Marketing Tourism
Tourism operations Financial Management
Fares and ticketing Research Methodology and written analysis
Indian Tourist Attractions Information Technology
The final project  

These subjects listed involves both theoretical and practical study with relevant usage of tools. It also explains the core concepts of tourism through a number of examples, illustration, photographs, tables and so on.

Best Travel and Tourism Colleges in India

Here is the list of top travel and tourism colleges in India.

Best Travel and Tourism Colleges in India
Sl No Travel and Tourism Colleges
Gwalior Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management
Indian Institute of Hospitality and Management -Thane
3 Christ University - Bangalore
Hyderabad National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management
5 Amity Institute of Travel and Tourism - Noida
6 Kerala Institute of Tourism and Travel - Kerala
Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management - Bhubaneshwar
Noida Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management
Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management - Goa
Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management - Nellore

You can choose your Best-fit college with the following steps.

Making a list of schools by figuring out your priorities, or by using an online college finder tool.

Next step is to narrow down your list with the credentials such as affordability, the reputation of the individual degree programs, available resources at the school, referring online reviews and so on.

The final step is reaching out to others in ways such as talking to current students, consulting trusted individuals, asking people who are successful in your interested field and so on.

Travel and tourism management job opportunities

Bachelor of tourism management scope

The scope of travel and tourism course are as follows

  • The Travel and Tourism sector is a new sector emerging in the industry but is growing at a rapid rate.

  • There are so many other sectors contributing to this industry like Hotels, restaurants, retailing, transportation, tour companies, and agencies, leisure, tourist attractions, recreation and sport, cultural industries etc.

  • A recent study has shown that the tourism sector has created about 11 million jobs.

Job Opportunities in Tourism

Job Opportunities in Travel and Tourism
Hotel/ Resort Manager Travel Agent
Assistant Manager General Manager
Front Office Manager Convention/Event planner
Food and Beverage Manager Travel Writer
Human Resource Manager Group Travel Facilitator
Travel Photographer

Here are the sectors which provide opportunities in tourism management.

Job opportunities in travel and tourism sector
Travel agencies Food Crafting Institutions
Airports Ships and cruise
Tour Operators State Tourism Development Corporations
Airlines Resort/Spas
Hotel and Hospitality Facilities Management Service
Industry Event Management
National and International Food agencies Adventure Tourism
Institutional and Hospital Catering Transport/ Logistics

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