Group Discussion Topics for College Students with Tips

Group Discussion is one of the most important criteria for selection of candidates in any Competitive Exams.  Getting involved in Group Discussion very helpful for a candidate as it helps in learning, it helps in generating new ideas, it helps in building Confidence.

Group Discussion Topics (2019) for College Students

A group discussion or GD judges the personality of a person. The interviewers or judges can assess behavior traits such as leadership skills, analytical skills, divergent thinking, communication skills and so on. It is a process of mutual knowledge gaining as you will be able to understand the topic from different perspectives. It also helps you to improve your communication skills.

The Group discussion topics are classified into the following categories.

  1. Group Discussion Topics on Current Affairs

  2. Group Discussion Topics on Social Issues

  3. Group Discussion Topics on Business and Economy

  4. Group Discussion Topics on General Interest

  5. Group Discussion Topics on Education

  6. Creative Group Discussion Topics

  7. Group Discussion Topics on International Affairs

  8. Group Discussion Topics on Sports

Before getting ready to prepare for a GD topic. It is important to know the rules and focus on improving GD skills as this helps you to tackle any GD even if you do not have enough knowledge about the given topic. The tips and suggestions given below can help you to bring a huge overall change in yourself. You can also check the different roles played by the participants of GD. It helps you to understand the different opportunities involved in GD and select a few in which you will be good at.

1. Group Discussion Topics on Current Affairs

  1. Is digital payment secure enough to go cashless

  2. View on Supreme Court decriminalizes Section 377

  3. The rising petrol prices and the Government

  4. Discussion about the Statue of Unity: Symbol of Pride or Wastage of Public Money?

  5. Does India really need bullet trains

  6. Increasing mobile networks in India

  7. Should women be allowed to enter Sabarimala?

  8. View on the national anthem being played in Cinema Halls

  9. Caste-based reservation system: Boon or Bane?

2. Group Discussion Topics on Social Issues

  1. Should Homosexuality be legalized? View on section 377

  2. More than one in 5 deaths of children under five around the world happen in India. Overview of immunization in India.

  3. Tobacco must be banned as it is a major health problem in India.

  4. Revision in air and vehicle pollution laws.

  5. Adultery is not a crime: views on the supreme court decision

  6. Plastic ban in India.

  7. #Me too campaign  

3. Group Discussion Topics on Business and Economy

  1. Security of the Aadhaar database

  2. Extra charges on the number of ATM withdraw limit.

  3. Did demonetization affect common people more than black money holders?

  4. Cryptocurrency News

  5. Impact of Chinese goods to the Indian business and economy

  6. Make in India: Manufacturing in India.

4. General Interest Group Discussion Topics

  1. English must remain to be the official language of India. Agree or disagree?

  2. Beef ban is illogical. Yes or no?

  3. Joint family vs. nuclear family. Which is your pick?

  4. Social media: Boon or Bane?

  5. A borderless world is practically unthinkable. Yes or no?

  6. Should National Anthem be Played in Cinema Halls?

  7. Women Empowerment

  8. Fact Vs Opinion

5. Group Discussion Topics on Education

  1. Should the practice of Yoga be made mandatory in schools?

  2. Does uniform really mandatory at educational institutions?

  3. Should high school students be permitted to use mobile phones or not?

  4. Implementation of the latest technology in educational institutions.

  5. Government School or Private School. What do you choose for your kids and why?

  6. Is MBA necessary to be Successful in Business?

6. Creative Group Discussion Topics

  1. Purchasing the product on the basis of the advertisement on TV.

  2. The reality of online shopping

  3. Overview of Indians adapting to Western culture.

  4. Does beauty contests really help in empowering women?

  5. Watching movies or Reading books?

7. Group Discussion Topics on International Affairs

  1. The ways by which global economies can deal with International terrorism?

  2. Does an eye for an eye rule will make the whole world blind or should this law system be promoted?

  3. Pros and cons of the Indian judiciary system over other countries.

  4. Impact of technology in globalization.

  5. What is Globalisation: effects of Globalization.

  6. Terrorism: How to Stop Terrorism

8. Group Discussion Topics on Sports

  1. Cricket should be made the national sport of India.

  2. Who is responsible for the poor performance of India in sports?

  3. Is India ready to host the Olympics?

  4. Is Olympics Good For Economy?

Group Discussion (GD) Tips:

Here are some of the tips and suggestion that helps you to prepare well for the Group Discussion.

  • A problem very well listened is half solved thus you have to improve the patience to listen attentively.

  • Throw your point in such a way that it is easy for others to understand.

  • Make a proper structure of your thought and present it logically.

  • Writing essays on distinguish topics is a good practice to develop though structure.

  • Usually, the topics selected are from current affairs, hence it is required to read more and develop a keen interest in current affairs.

  • Learn to respect others realizing the fact that people think differently about issues.

  • Train your mind to think analytically. Grasp the points of others and blend it with your viewpoint. It helps you even with the topics you are unfamiliar with.

  • Be a leader. There is a silence for a few minutes after the announcement of the topic. If possible, grasp your thoughts in a few seconds and start the discussion as soon as possible and be a leader.

  • Try to start with the positive impacts in the beginning.

  • Your body language says a lot about you. Sit straight and avoid eaning on to the chair.

  • Avoid negative signs such as nervous body movements, having a skeptical expression, constantly moving, folding your hands across your chest and so on.

  • At last, don’t sit as if you are done with your point. Get involved till the end and try to grab more chances.

Roles participants play during Group Discussion

Beginner/Leader: The one who starts Group Discussion. He elaborates the topic and suggests new ideas. Sometimes he may not have enough subject knowledge to present the viewpoints effectively.

Seeker of information: He tries to grasp information from others in order to prepare for his turn. It usually happens when one does not have much knowledge about the given topic.

Disseminator of Information: The one who prefers to share information and facts about the topic.

Seeker of Opinion: He tries to gather opinion from others and also asks others to express their opinion.

Giver of Opinion: Jumps to give his viewpoint or opinion about the views shared by the previous participants.

Analyst: The one who analyses and clarifies the ideas and opinions discussed through the group discussion.

Community Supporter: He supports the idea of all participants. Usually, he doesn't come up with his own ideas.

Reliever: The one who discuss with a broader perspective. He may take the issue into another serious level and thus relives all of any tension. Even though it is good, It is always adviced not to go far away from the topic.

Energy Spreader: He encourages other participants with positive energy in order to explore new ideas during the process.

Bridge creator: He acts as a bridge between different opinions by giving solutions in different ways of compromise and thus creating harmony throughout the process.

Summary maker: Finally, in the concluding part, one summarizes the GD with all the important points discussed throughout. It usually comes to a mutual understanding if the GD is conducted across two teams.

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