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What to do After IIT JAM?

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The outstanding employment opportunities offered by IIT JAM are one of the factors that attract lakhs of applicants.
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Careers Prospects After IIT JAM
This is one of the most popular courses at IIT. It can alter your life if you aspire to work in scientific research, a laboratory, a hospital, or the healthcare industry. You may also be allowed to work as a Junior Research Fellow or Senior Research Fellow after passing the CSIR-NET exam.
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M.Sc Biological Sciences
In the field of biotechnology, this field has a promising future. Due to the expansion of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, job prospects in this field are growing.
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M.Sc in Biotechnology
This course offers job opportunities in both the public and private sectors. Chemistry graduates fill these kinds of chemical manufacturing units and even teachings.
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M.Sc in Chemistry
This course offers career opportunities in the area of research and development, manufacturing industries and market research firms. DRDO and ISRO offer job opportunities for M.Sc Mathematics graduates as well.
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M.Sc Mathematics
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