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What is TET Exam?

Taking TET? Let us ruin you through some pointers of TET Exam.
What is TET?
Teacher's Eligibility test is bare minimum qualification required for candidates wishing to teach class I to VIII in government schools.
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Who conducts TET?
TET is conducted by the Central Governing body and the State governing body.
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What is the eligibility criteria of TET?
The eligibility criteria is divided into two papers, for Paper 1 candidates should have passed Secondary Exam or should have bachelors in El. Ed or Diploma. For Paper 2, you should have BA, B.Ed. or equivalent degree.
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When is the exam conducted?
The CTET is yet to announced but some of the state wise TET exam has been announced by the state government.
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How many papers are there in TET?
There are two Papers; Paper 1 for candidates appearing for teaching position in Class I to Class V and Paper 2 for Class VI- VII.
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How much is the qualifying marks for TET?
A candidate securing 60% in TET is considered eligible for applying teaching positions in government schools.
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What is registration fee for TET Exam?
The registration fee for TET depends on which TET candidate wishes to appear: Center or State. It also depends on the category they choose to appear.
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