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What is CRL Rank in JEE Main?

Wondering what is CRL Rank in JEE Main? You're in the right place. Read on to get answers to all your questions!
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The Common Rank List (CRL) for JEE Main can be referred to as such. It lists all of the candidates for the exam along with their rankings.
What Is CRL?
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A student's rank in JEE Main CRL is the position that they obtained in the exam based on their performance among all other test-takers (irrespective of category).
Not Category Based
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A candidate's AIR is actually their CRL in this situation. Candidates from the reserved categories, however, have also been given ranks according to their categories.
Difference Between AIR & CLR
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During JoSAA counselling, candidates must select a program or institution based on their JEE Main category and AIR rankings.
JoSAA Counselling
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