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What Happens If You Try To Cheat In JEE Main 2023?

Cheating in JEE main 2023 can lead to some serious repercussions. Tap to get complete details.
Consequences of Cheating
Those caught cheating in the JEE Mains 2023 exam will be debarred from appearing for the next three years. Moreover, NTA will cancel their results and book an unfair means case against them.
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What is an Unfair Practice?
An activity in which a candidate gains an unfair benefit over other candidates is defined as an unfair practice by the National Testing Agency (NTA).
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List of Unfair Practices
- Possessing a prohibited item/article
- Impersonation
- Creating material for copying
- Helping others to cheat
- Contacting others during the test
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List of Unfair Practices
- Breaching exam rules/instructions
- Threatening any official/candidate
- Fabricating online documents
- Having more than 1 application no.
- Forceful entry/exit from the centre
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JEE Main Scam
In 2021, a Russian hacker tampered with the iLeon software, a platform on which JEE Main 2021 was organised. It was found that 800+ JEE aspirants took advantage of this unfair practice.
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Security Features for JEE Main
After the major scam in 2021, NTA added many authentication layers to JEE Main. It involves restriction in the choice of the test centre, real-time cross-checking of photographs, and more.
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