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VITEEE 2022 Preparation Tips

Looking for preparation tips for VITEEE 2022. We got you covered. Here are top tops for you for your exam day.
Before you start preparing for exam, make sure you have the complete official syllabus. In case you have confusion, ask your teachers.
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Exam Syllabus
It is equally important to know exam pattern to understand the types of questions, number of questions and marking scheme.
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Exam Pattern
Always make a timetable with margin for error. This will help you finish your course well in advance.
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Mock tests help in confirming your knowledge of the syllabus and helps with your timings too. They will help you to avoid anxiety on exam day.
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Mock test
Give yourself enough time for revision. This will cement your knowledge and will fill in the gaps in your syllabus too.
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While preparing for your exam, take care of your health too. Eat all your meals and sleep on time. Also make sure to exercise. Health is equally important.
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For more details, visit GMU website.
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