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Types of Interview Explained

For several entrance and recruitment exams, candidates are selected based on their performance in the Interview round. Read through to learn more about the different types of interviews.
Telephone interviews are a screening process before the candidates are called for a formal face-to-face interview.
Telephone Interview
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Such interviews are held in case of remote work prospects. It serves the same purpose as a face-to-face interview.
Video Interview
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In this interview, the candidates will be asked the same questions, and the assessment will be solely based on their responses.
Structured Interview
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There will be no fixed set of questions in this type of interview. Candidates will be asked questions based on their previous responses.
Unstructured Interview
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A panel/group of interviewers will assess an individual based on their body language and communication skills.
Panel Interview
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The candidates will be divided into groups and asked to discuss a topic. The interviewers assess their innovative minds and teamwork.
Group Interview
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The interviewers will check the candidates' responses under stressful scenarios to know how they deal with complex situations at work.
Stress Interview
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