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TS ICET Results 2022

TS ICET 2022 result has been postponed. Tap to know how to check the results and also the latest updates.
Open the link related to results available on the first page of the official website.
Step 1
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Select the 'TS ICET Results 2022' tab.
Step 2
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Enter the ICET Number, Registration Number provided during the TS ICET 2022 Application Process, and Date of Birth to access the result.
Step 3
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The result will be displayed on the computer screen. Download it for future use.
Step 4
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It is announced that the results are likely to be released on or before August 27, 2022.
Results Postponed
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For more updates regarding the TS ICET results 2022, visit the official GMU website!
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